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What To Pack For Flight Attendant Training

Wondering what to pack for flight attendant training?

If you successfully completed the interview process and have been invited to training, congratulations! Or maybe you are planning ahead and wondering what to bring to flight attendant training.

Initial training can be a very stressful time and it’s important to have what you need to feel comfortable.

Finding the “sweet spot” where you have enough of the things that you need, and not over packing can be tough.

You may also have a roommate, and you will be living in a hotel for a few weeks so you’ll need the right balance when packing your training and flight attendant must have items.

Most airlines issue flight attendants luggage and uniforms (whether it’s payroll deducted or they give it to you) by the end of training, so you will most likely have an extra bag and tote to bring home with you after training.

If you forget something, or realize you need something else while you are at flight attendant training, you can always order from Amazon, and have it shipped to your hotel.

Flight Attendant Training Packing List
Flight Attendant Training Packing List

How Much Should I Pack For Flight Attendant Training?

One of the things to take into consideration when planning what to pack for flight attendant training is how often will you do laundry? If you want to do laundry once a week, then you know you need a weeks worth of clothes. If you want to do laundry every two weeks, bring enough that allows you to do that.

You definitely don’t want to be overwhelmed with stuff, so you do not want to overpack.

A great hack is to bring a Scrubba Portable Wash Bag and you can easily hand wash your laundry and hang it in the shower or an open closet to dry when you are in class.

Sometimes going out to do laundry can be a pain, so doing some laundry right in your room is a great alternative. Even if you wash your laundry in the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag, you can still use the dryer and not have to take the time or pay to use the washing machine.

Airline Specific Dress Code Requirements

Each airline has their own dress codes and requirements, so please read every single thing that comes in your training packet.

Reading the welcome packet will ensure you know what is required to bring to flight attendant training.

Not all airlines have the same dress requirements for training so the training packet will help you understand some of the things to pack for flight attendant training.

If you want to wear a dress or pencil skirt for training, you can do that, ensuring the length of your skirt or dress is either just above the knee, or it goes to the middle of the knee.

When wearing a skirt or a dress, you can wear either black, tan, or sheer hose or black tights.

You can be sent home for not adhering to the dress code, so be sure and read the training packet and highlight the dress code to strictly adhere to it.

Your interview suit/outfit can be worn during training.

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Clothes & Items For Flight Attendant Training

When figuring out what to bring to flight attendant training, adhering to the dress code is probably the most important.

  • Required Items – Passport, Watch, and Vaccination Card.
  • Suit – One complete business professional suit.
  • Dress Pants – Dark colors preferred (Check airline packet for details.)
  • Blouse and or Button Down Shirts – No plunging necklines.
  • Sweater and or Pashmina – A pashmina can double as a blanket.
  • Jeans – For any dress down days or for when you go out. – Dark in color, no rips, tears, or embellishments.
  • Dress Coat or Jacket If it’s cold outside during your training months you will want to have a jacket.
  • Dress and or Pencil Skirt -Pants are great, but if a dress or skirt is something you want to wear.
  • Blazer – A dark colored blazer will go with anything.
  • Dress Socks – If you need to buy dress socks you get compression socks, then you can use them for flying.
  • Hosiery – I would stick to compression hose. They last much longer than regular hose so you are less likely to get a run, and they are great for working on the airplane.
  • ShoesFlight Attendant Shoes + sneakers for evacs (check your airline training packet).

You’re going to need shoes for your uniform, so you may as well buy shoes you can wear in uniform.

Heels are to be worn with the flight attendant dress, and then a comfortable shoe for inflight.

Another bonus to buying your work shoes before you go to training is that you can break them in during training, instead of walking for miles in brand new shoes through the concourse.

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Casual & Workout Clothes For Flight Attendant Training

Casual clothes or clothes to wear when you are not in class make the list of what to pack for flight attendant training.

You won’t have class every day, and even though you spend most of your free time studying, you will make some time for yourself.

  • Going Out Outfit – At least one outfit to go out in because you may go out to dinner or go shopping, or something like that and want to wear something different than business attire.
  • Workout Outfits & Tennis Shoes/Sneakers – It depends on how often you workout and do laundry for how many you will need.
  • Swimsuit – Even if you think you may not need it, take your swimsuit because you may want to swim or lounge by the pool.
  • Water Bottle – You can refill you water bottle for free at the gym, plus it cuts down on plastic waste so win/win.
  • Workout Socks – You won’t want to wear your dress socks to workout.
  • Workout Clothes – How many you need depends on how often you will work out and how often you plan on washing your clothes.

Electronics To Bring To Flight Attendant Training

  • Extension Cord – There are never enough outlets, and it’s always a good idea to carry an extension chord.
  • Chargers – Have a charger for any electronics you bring to flight attendant training. There would be not much worse than not having a phone charger while you are at training.
  • Firestick – This is of course optional, but if you have a FireStick or other streaming device why not bring it to training so you can unwind with your favorite series.
  • Headphones – Nobody wants to listen to your calls on speaker phone or those cute cat videos either.
  • Electronics Bag – Keep all your chargers in one place so that they are organized. (Even a ziplock will do!)
  • Optional Electronics – iPad & Apple Pencil + a note taking app will eliminate the need for a notebook.

Study Supplies For Flight Attendant Training

Flight attendant training is not easy. You will spend a lot of your time studying. Study supplies don’t take up much room in your bag, so you may as well bring them with you to training ahead of time.

What to bring to flight attendant training to help you study:

  • A notebook or journal – To take notes, plus you can journal to remember what happened at training because of the intensity, it’s going to all be a bit of a blur.
  • Pens – A pen is a required flight attendant duty item. Hotels have pens so you can can always snag one from there, but you may want to bring your favorite pen.
  • Highlighter – To highlight your notes when you are studying.
  • Index Cards – Index cards are perfect to help you memorize what you study.
  • Sticky Notes – Helpful to aid  you in remembering key study items, and to double as a book marker in your notebook.
  • Tote Bag – To stay organized and carry your things back and forth to the training center. (It can be something simple or something you can use it as a turn bag for work.)

Vitamins & Medications

We definitely have to include vitamins and medications in what to pack for flight attendant training. 

Staying healthy during training is so important, so please don’t skip this part of the list.

  • Vitamins – Stay healthy during training because you need to feel your best to make it through the grueling process.
  • Emergen C – Tastes great and it supports your immune system.
  • Echinacea – Promoted as a dietary supplement for the common cold and other infections, echinacea is not something you have to take every day, but it’s great to take if you are getting sick.
  • A Natural Sleep Aid – Melatonin works, but if you take too much of it, it causes nightmares.

I prefer Natures Bounty Sleep 3, it never gives me nightmares like some natural sleep aids can, and always get a great nights sleep. I never wake up drowsy, and it’s non addictive.

Sleep aids are something you take every night, but it’s perfect to take the night before tests, drills, and evacuations so that you are well rested.

It’s a good idea to test out your natural sleep aid before you go to training so you can see how well it works for you.

Miscellaneous Packing Items

You’re going to be spending some time in your hotel room, and you will most likely have a roommate. You will be at flight attendant training for approximately four to six weeks and it’s important to be comfortable.

  • Masks – Even if you are not required to wear a mask, you may want to wear and bring them.
  • Snacks – You may get hungry and before you get acclimated to where all the stores and restaurants in the area it’s nice to have some snacks to hold you over until you can get stocked up on snacks.
  • Umbrella – The smallest you can find, and black if you are going to buy one so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Black ensures it will match your luggage and you can use it for work too.
  • Undergarments – Calculate how much you will need by how much laundry you will be doing and bring a little bit extra.
  • Earplugs & Sleep Mask – Sleep is so important during training, you have so much to learn and have to pass all your tests and drills so please protect your sleep.
  • Pajamas / Leisure Wear – You will most likely have a roommate so pack comfortable pajamas and or leisure wear to sleep.
  • Cutlery – Nothing is worse than wanting to eat something and you have no utensils. Cutlery won’t be just for training, you will also have it for work.
  • Collapsible Bowl – Having a collapsible bowl is always handy for training and for work and barely takes up any space. The one I have linked is safe to cook your food in the oven on the airplane or in the microwave at the hotel.
  • Toiletries – Skincare, makeup and shaving products so you can look and feel your best. Hotels do provide some toiletries, but you will most likely want your own.
  • Hair Care Products – Everything you need to do and take care of your hair (except a blow dryer that hotel has that), plus anything you need to do an updo if you have long hair.
  • House Slippers and OR Rubber Slippers/Flip Flops – For the pool and to wear around your room. (Rubber slippers/ flip flops can double as shower shoes.) Hotel floors are way dirtier than they appear.
  • Blanket – Hotel comforters are not always the most comfortable. You will be most comfortable if you have one of your own blankets too.
  • Laundry Supplies – A Rubba Scrubba if you want to do laundry in your room (I highly recommend it this bag!), quarters, laundry bag or rubba scrubba bag can double as a laundry bag, laundry detergent, and a tide pen is optional.

Most future flight attendants are wondering what to pack for flight attendant training, so I created a free downloadable Flight Attendant Training Packing List to make it as easy as possible for you.

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So there you have it, what to bring to flight attendant training.

Did I miss any of the essentials? Let me know in the comments if this helped you with what to pack for flight attendant training.

Flight Attendant Training Packing List

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