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What To Pack For Flight Attendant Training

Wondering what to pack for flight attendant training?

Congratulations if you completed the interview process and have been invited to training!

Or you are planning and wondering what to bring to flight attendant training.

Please bookmark this page, which contains numerous valuable ideas you wouldn’t want to miss.

Initial training can be stressful, and it’s important to have what you need to feel comfortable.

Finding the “sweet spot” where you have enough of the necessary things and not over-packing can be tricky.

You may also have a roommate and live in a hotel for a few weeks, so you’ll need the right balance when packing your training and flight attendant must-have items.

Most airlines issue flight attendants luggage and uniforms (whether payroll deducted or they give it to you) by the end of the training, so you will most likely have an extra bag and tote to bring home after training.

If you forget something or realize you need something else while at flight attendant training, you can always order from Amazon and have it shipped to your hotel.

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How Much Should I Pack For Flight Attendant Training?

When preparing for flight attendant training, one important factor to consider is your laundry schedule.

Determining how frequently you plan to do laundry will help you decide on the appropriate amount of clothing to pack.

For instance, if you intend to do laundry once a week, make sure to pack a week’s worth of clothes.

On the other hand, if you prefer doing laundry every two weeks, bring enough clothing to last for that duration.

It’s essential to avoid overpacking, as having too many items can be overwhelming and cumbersome.

By carefully considering your laundry routine, you can pack efficiently and ensure you have the right amount of clothing for your training period.

My Favorite Laundry Hack

A great hack for managing laundry during training is to bring a Scrubba Portable Wash Bag.

This handy tool allows you to hand wash your clothes effortlessly, making it a convenient and efficient solution.

After washing, hang your garments in the shower or an open closet to dry during class.

This approach can save time and money making your laundry routine more manageable during training.

Sometimes going out to do laundry can be a pain, so doing some laundry right in your room is a great alternative. Even if you wash your laundry in the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag, you can still use the dryer and not have to take the time or pay to use the washing machine.

Airline Specific Dress Code Requirements

Each airline has their own dress codes and requirements, so please read every single thing that comes in your training packet.

Reading the welcome packet will ensure you know what is required to bring to flight attendant training.

Not all airlines have the same dress requirements for training so the training packet will help you understand some of the things to pack for flight attendant training.

If you want to wear a dress or pencil skirt for training, you can do that, ensuring the length of your skirt or dress is either just above the knee, or it goes to the middle of the knee.

When wearing a skirt or a dress, you can wear either black, tan, or sheer hose or black tights.

You can be sent home for not adhering to the dress code, so be sure and read the training packet and highlight the dress code to strictly adhere to it.

Your interview suit/outfit can be worn during training.

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Clothes & Items For Flight Attendant Training

When figuring out what to bring to flight attendant training, adhering to the dress code is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for training before you go.

Days are long and stressful, and you will be learning so much information that sometimes it may feel that your head will explode and you will have laundry to do, and you want to have enough clothes.

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Business Attire Vs Business Casual Attire

Business Attire is a professional dress code that includes conservative clothing, such as suits, dress shirts, blouses, dress pants, skirts, and closed-toe shoes.

Accessories should be minimal and tasteful. The goal is to present a polished and professional appearance in a business setting.

Business Casual Attire is a more relaxed version of professional clothing that maintains a neat and polished appearance.

It includes dress shirts, blouses, dress pants, skirts, and closed-toe shoes but allows for more casual styles and the omission of certain formal elements, such as ties or blazers.

The goal is to balance professionalism and comfort in a business setting.

Your airlines will set the standards of how you are to dress for class on designated days.

Required ID & Cards For Training

Some airlines have different requirements than others, but all of them will require an ID, a passport, and your vaccination card.

One Complete Business Professional Suit

Check if your airline requires a suit before packing one, but you aught to already have one from your flight attendant interviews.

Women’s SuitA professional women’s business suit typically consists of a tailored blazer and matching skirt or pants, designed to create a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Men’s Suit: – A professional men’s business suit is a classic, well-fitted ensemble that consists of a suit jacket, possibly a vest, matching trousers, and a dress shirt, often paired with a tie.

Dress Pants

Dark colors preferred for dress pants, but you can check your airline training packet for details, and you will need at least three to five pairs.

Women’s Dress Pants: If you wear women’s pants and want to be super comfortable, these dress pants are yoga pants, but only you will know. They have belt loops and pockets, so they are dress pants.

Men’s Dress Pants: Select your preferred fit based on your desired level of comfort or style.

If you wear men’s pants you can choose between Modern, Classic, or Slim Fit.

Classic Fit provides a looser fit, Slim Fit is tailored for a leaner body type, and Modern Fit falls between Classic and Slim.

Calvin Klein’s Modern Fit Dress Pant

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Expandable-Waist Flat-Front Dress Pant 

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Expandable-Waist Flat-Front Dress Pant

Shirts, Tops, and Blouses

Again, check your airline packet to ensure compliance, but here is some great inspiration for training at airlines that expect their flight attendants to wear business casual attire to training.

  • Blouse and or Button Down Shirts – Remember to maintain a professional appearance, and not have any low cut tops or plunging necklines.

Womens Tops, Shirts & Blouses For Training:

Some airlines only allow white button down blouses, some airlines only allow polos, some allow you to wear business blouses in conservative colors. It’s up to you to find out what each individual airline allows.

Plus Sized Blouses

Non-Iron Women’s 3/4″  Sleeve

These ideas are for inspiration, and ideas. Please consult your individual airline’s training requirements.

Women’s Business Casual Tops

*Please note – The above tops are all Business Casual. However, most of the jeans pictured on the models are NOT business casual.


Jeans are a versatile option for dress-down days during training, as well as for casual outings. Opt for dark-colored jeans without rips, tears, or embellishments to maintain a professional appearance while enjoying a more relaxed style.

Men’s Jeans

Women’s Jeans

Dress or Pencil Skirt

Pants are great, but if a dress or skirt is something you want to wear, and it fit’s your airlines dress code, wear it.

If you had a great dress or skirt you wore to your interview, and you can recycle it and wear it again to training, why not?

Aphratti Dress in Long & Short Sleeves

MUXXN Tie Neck Cocktail Dress

Pencil Skirts

Urban Coco Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a classic and versatile wardrobe staple for professional business wear.

Characterized by their slim, straight-cut design that hugs the body and typically falls just above, at, or below the knee.

Pencil skirts create a sleek and sophisticated silhouette, ideal for interviews, training, or commuting.

You can pair a pencil skirt with various tops, including tailored blouses, button-down shirts, or blazers for a polished and professional look.

Business Casual Blazer

Boston Proper Beyond Travel Blazer

A dark colored blazer can go with almost anything.

A business casual blazer is a versatile, semi-formal jacket worn by any gender in professional settings where a full suit is not required.

Made from comfortable, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or a blend, and features a tailored fit, notch lapels, and single or double-breasted button closures.

The blazer comes in various colors and patterns. You can pair it with dress shirts, blouses, simple t-shirts, trousers, skirts, or jeans for a polished yet relaxed look.

Men’s Casual Blazer

The goal of a business casual blazer is to maintain a professional appearance while allowing for more flexibility and personal style.

Selecting The Ideal Footwear

Flight Attendant Shoes and Sneakers for Evacuations will be worn at training. (Refer to Your Airline Training Packet) This Ultimate Guide has got you covered.

As a flight attendant, choosing the right shoes for your uniform is essential to ensure both style and comfort. It’s wise to invest in footwear that complements your uniform and serves you well during your duties.


For female flight attendants, heels should be worn with the flight attendant dress, adding a touch of elegance and professionalism. However, it’s also crucial to have a comfortable pair of shoes for in-flight wear, ensuring you can perform your duties with ease.

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Don’t forget to consult your airline’s training packet for specific guidelines on selecting sneakers suitable for emergency evacuations. By making informed choices, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any situation while looking and feeling your best.

A pro tip for both men and women is to purchase your work shoes before attending training. This way, you can break them in during training sessions, avoiding the discomfort of walking miles through the concourse in brand-new shoes.

By choosing the proper footwear, you’ll look the part and feel comfortable and confident as you navigate your day.

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Socks & Hosiery

  • Dress Socks – If you need to buy dress socks you get compression socks, then you can use them for flying.
  • Hosiery – I would stick to compression hose. They last much longer than regular hose so you are less likely to get a run, and they are great for working on the airplane.

Outerwear For Flight Attendant Training

Dress Coat or Jacket

If it’s cold outside during your training months you will want to have a jacket. – I wouldn’t spend the money on a new jacket if you don’t have to, your airline will probably have you as part of your uniform, for you so keep that in mind.

Get a Pashmina & Thank Me Later

A pashmina is one of my favorite things. Do you know how Oprah has her favorite things? If I did a show with my favorite things, it would make the cut every time.

My collection has grown over the years, I have different colors, sizes, and materials, and I love them all.

The middle one isn’t a pashmina, but I have one of those too, and they are amazing in their own right.

It can dress up any outfit and double as a blanket in the hotel or on the plane. Cold classroom? No problem, wrap yourself up in your pashmina, and you will be nice and cozy. Just don’t fall asleep!


A scarf can keep you warm in a freezing training center. Keeping your neck warm can be your saving grace when you are on the verge of getting sick.

A scarf is handy to keep in your bag when it’s cold. Even an airline issued silk scarf can work in a pinch if you don’t have a warm winter scarf.

Sweaters & Cardigans

If you don’t get a jacket a training, you can always wear a sweater or cardigan so you can stay warm in the training center. Especially if you do overnight training, expect it to get cold.

One sweater or two or a cardigan should be plenty, especially if you have a scarf or pashmina to keep you warm.

Casual Clothes For Flight Attendant Training

Casual clothes or clothes to wear when you are not in class make the list of what to pack for flight attendant training.

You won’t have class every day, and even though you spend most of your free time studying, you will make some time for yourself.

Your Go-To Ensemble for a Night Out

Remember to pack at least one fun outfit when you step out for dinner, shopping, or any other exciting activities!

While training can be intense and filled with study sessions, it’s important to let loose, unwind, and have a blast now and then.

So, make sure you’re prepared to switch from business to fun mode when the moment calls for it.

Workout Clothes For Flight Attendant Training

Consider your exercise frequency and laundry habits when packing workout outfits and tennis shoes/sneakers for the four to six weeks of flight attendant training.

The number of outfits you’ll need depends on how often you plan to work out and do laundry during training.

If you want to work out daily to clear your mind, consider bringing 4 to 6 workout outfits. Workout clothes pack relatively small and only occupy a little space in your bag.

Women’s Sneakers

Perhaps it’s a touch of nostalgia, but there’s something irresistible about animal print. When tastefully incorporated, it adds flair and personality to any outfit.

The Adidas Cloudfoam 2.0 Running Shoes strike the perfect balance, featuring just the right amount of eye-catching cheetah print to elevate their style.

The Adidas Cloudfoam 2.0 Running Shoes offer comfort and performance and serve as a chic fashion statement for those who appreciate a little wild side in their wardrobe.

Men’s Sneakers

Damyuan Mens Lightweight Gym Shoes

Dolphin Men’s Running Shoes

Here are two pairs of workout shoes for men that are lightweight and suitable for flight attendant training at some airlines and for workout sessions.

For a full selection of workout clothes, shoes, and travel accessories for training and layovers check out the Travel Workout Gear Section of the Future Flight Attendant Amazon Store.

Water Bottle – You can refill you water bottle for free at the gym, plus it cuts down on plastic waste so win/win.

Workout Socks – You won’t want to wear your dress socks to workout.

Workout Clothes – How many you need depends on how often you will work out and how often you plan on washing your clothes.

Men’s Workout Shirts

Men’s Workout Pants

Yoga Pants & Lounge Wear

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When you’re not in class a lot of your time will be spent in your room studying or even at the gym. (If the working out is your thing.)

The Gym People Lounge Pants

Slipping into cozy and comfortable clothing while studying is like giving yourself a warm hug, allowing you to fully concentrate on absorbing all that crucial knowledge without any distractions or discomfort.

Airplane Mode Sweatshirt

Wrap yourself in your favorite t-shirt, snuggle into a soft sweatshirt or lounge in stretchy leggings or pajama bottoms.

These simple wardrobe choices can transform your study sessions into a relaxed and enjoyable experience, making tackling that mountain of information for flight attendant training easier.

Jockey Women’s Stretch Yoga Pants – With Pocket

If you’re looking for yoga pants that aren’t made of polyester, cotton is a great option. It’s a breathable fabric that’s perfect for relaxing or exercising. Plus, yoga pants with a pocket for your phone make it easier to keep your phone with you while you work out.


What To Pack For Ditching Day

A ditching is a deliberate emergency water landing. When training for a ditching you’ll have to jump into a pool so you will most likely need some aquatic supplies such as a swim suit, swim shirt, and shoes.

Even if you think you may not need it, take your swimsuit because you may want to swim or lounge by the pool.

A swimsuit may be required for ditching day, so at the risk of sounding like a broken record, check your training packet.

Men’s Swim

Men’s Short Sleeve Swim Shirt

Men’s Quick-Dry Long Sleeve Swim Shirt

BRONAX Pillow Slippers

Water Shoes

Women’s Swim

Women’s Long Sleeve Swim Shirt

Women’s Short Sleeve Swim Shirt

BRONAX Pillow Slippers

Quick-Dry Water Shoes

A Refillable Water Bottle

Opting for a refillable water bottle is a practical and eco-friendly choice. You can conveniently fill it with a water source at the gym, training center, or any other location.

Instead of purchasing single-use water bottles and contributing to landfill waste, why not refill your bottle for free?

Check out these fantastic water bottle options to find the perfect one.

Iron Flask 14 Oz Sports Water Bottle

BPA Free 27 Oz Collapsible Water Bottle

17 Oz Mira Leakproof Flask

Electronics To Bring To Flight Attendant Training

There are never enough outlets, and it’s always a good idea to carry a power strip / extension cord.


Highly Recommended: A Must-Have for Training, Work and Home

I’m so impressed with this product that I’m planning to get a second one! I currently take mine with me to work and also use it at home. This is the exact model I use, and I absolutely love it.

Another feature that I appreciate is its angled plug design, which ensures that you don’t lose access to the second outlet. This thoughtful detail makes it even more convenient and practical.

Chargers – Ensure you have a charger for any electronics you bring to flight attendant training. There would be not much worse than not having a phone charger while you are at training.

Electronics Bag for Chargers

Our electronic devices are essential in our fast-paced world, and having an electronics bag designed for your chargers is an excellent accessory for flight attendant training and being on the line as a flight attendant.

It’s nice to have your things corralled in your big bag instead of having things rolling around all over the place.

If you have a lot of electronics, go with a big bag, if you don’t, the small bag will do.

Electronics Organizer Bag

This bag makes it easy to keep your chargers organized and accessible. You won’t have to worry about untangling cords or searching for the correct charger.

Small Travel Organizer Pouch

It’s perfect for travel because it keeps everything in one place, making packing a breeze. So simplify your life and keep your chargers in tip-top shape by investing in an electronics bag.

Fire TV Stick

It’s optional, but if you have a FireStick or any other streaming device, you can bring it to training and enjoy watching your favorite series to relax.

Headphones – Nobody wants to listen to your calls on speaker phone or those cute cat videos either.

If you have a roommate or are staying in a noisy hotel, noise-cancelling headphones can be a great way to block out unwanted sounds.

AirPods Pro


Optional Electronics – iPad & Apple Pencil + a note taking app will eliminate the need for a notebook.


 Efuy Security Tracking Tags

How much time do you spend looking for your AirPods case?. With an Efuy Security tag  you can sound the alarm sound and find it quickly.

They also work with Find My and you can get them at a budget friendly price.

Study Supplies For Flight Attendant Training

Flight attendant training is not easy. You will spend a lot of your time studying. Study supplies don’t take up much room in your bag, so you may as well bring them with you to training ahead of time.

Because of the intensity, training will be a bit of a blur, and note-taking can help.

Taking notes has been proven to enhance information retention. 

Investing in a notebook you enjoy using can encourage you to take more notes, ultimately providing valuable material for later study sessions.

Lined Hardcover Journal Notebook

As a flight attendant, a pen is a required duty item. While hotels typically provide pens, bringing your favorite pen along is always a good idea. 

As a flight attendant, a pen is an essential duty item. While hotels typically provide pens, bringing your favorite pen along is always a good idea.

Pilot G2 Gel Pens

Highlighter – To highlight your notes when you are studying.

Tote Bag – To stay organized and carry your things back and forth to the training center. (It can be something simple or something you can use it as a turn bag for work.) Your airline may even provide you with a tote bag.


Vitamins & Medications

We definitely have to include vitamins and medications in what to pack for flight attendant training.

Staying healthy during training is so important, so please don’t skip this part of the list.

Vitamins – Stay healthy during training because you need to feel your best to make it through the grueling process.

Elderberry Gummies Immune System Support – These Elderberry Gummies also have vitamin C and Zinc in them, which is a plus. 

Emergen C – Tastes great and it supports your immune system.

Echinacea – Promoted as a dietary supplement for the common cold and other infections, echinacea is not something you have to take every day, but it’s great to take if you are getting sick.

A Natural Sleep Aid

I’m aware that doctors sometimes prescribe sleeping pills, but let me tell you, I’ve got some sleeping pill tales that could give any horror-comedy flick a run for its money!

So catch me on the jumpseat because it’s NSFB (not safe for blog) and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions – from shock and horror to disgust and laughter on a loop.

Natural sleep aids are your friend on layovers and at training, not pills.

Snooze Natural Sleep Lozenges has all organic ingredients – Melatonin, Lavender, and Ashwagandha Root, and Kindroot, the brand is women owned, and created by an herbalist and a Candy Hall of Fame Scientist. 

Sleep aids are not something to take every night (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice), but it’s perfect to take the night before tests, drills, and evacuations so that you are well rested if natural sleep aids work for you.

It’s a good idea to test out your natural sleep aid before you go to training so you can see how well it works for you.

Items to Help You Relax & Unwind

While some may consider these items as indulgences, for those who share my penchant for going the extra mile for comfort, they are essential.

Having an diffuser during my travels is a favorite, as I am susceptible to various scents, such as food, chemicals, and other odors.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The use of essential oils can significantly impact one’s mood, assisting in relaxation, promoting restful sleep, and maintaining focus during study sessions.

Essential Oils For Relaxation & Focus

Essential Oil Gift Set

Essential oils are known for their numerous therapeutic properties; among them, orange, lavender, and peppermint oils stand out for their unique benefits.

Orange essential oil is a natural mood enhancer, with its uplifting citrus scent helping to elevate spirits and improve concentration.

Its refreshing aroma can sharpen focus and make you feel more energized.

On the other hand, lavender essential oil is renowned for its calming effects, promoting relaxation and easing stress.

Its soothing fragrance makes it ideal for those seeking tranquility and rest.

Peppermint oil offers advantages, including relief from headaches, improved digestion, and enhanced mental clarity.

In addition, it’s cooling and refreshing scent can help revitalize the senses and boost overall well-being.

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce skin inflammation and promote healing.

Some of the key benefits of eucalyptus oil include relief from cough and congestion, acting as a bug repellent, promoting wound healing, relieving anxiety, and providing support for respiratory health.

Lemongrass oil is known for its analgesic and antidepressant properties, which can help reduce pain and improve mood.

Miscellaneous Packing Items

You’re going to be spending some time in your hotel room, and you will most likely have a roommate. You will be at flight attendant training for approximately four to six weeks and it’s important to be comfortable.

KN95 Mask

Even if you are not required to wear a mask, you may want to wear and bring them if anyone in your class is sick.

Snacks – You may get hungry and before you get acclimated to where all the stores and restaurants in the area it’s nice to have some snacks to hold you over until you can get stocked up on snacks.

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Get the smallest umbrella you can find, and black if you are going to buy one so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Black ensures it will match your luggage and you can use it for work too.


Calculate how much you will need by how much laundry you will be doing and bring a little bit extra.

Earplugs & Sleep Mask

Sleep is so important during training, you have so much to learn and have to pass all your tests and drills so please protect your sleep.

Pajamas / Leisure Wear

You will most likely have a roommate if you are training at Delta or United, so pack comfortable pajamas and or leisure wear to sleep.


Nothing is worse than wanting to eat something and you have no utensils. Cutlery won’t be just for training, you will also have it for work.

Collapsible Bowl – Having a collapsible bowl is always handy for training and for work and barely takes up any space. The one I have linked is safe to cook your food in the oven on the airplane or in the microwave at the hotel.

Toiletries – Skincare, makeup and shaving products so you can look and feel your best. Hotels do provide some toiletries, but you will most likely want your own.

Hair Care Products

Everything you need to do and take care of your hair (except a blow dryer that hotel has that), plus anything you need to do an updo if you have long hair.

House Slippers and OR Rubber Slippers/Flip Flops – For the pool and to wear around your room. (Rubber slippers/ flip flops can double as shower shoes.) Hotel floors are way dirtier than they appear.

Blanket – Hotel comforters are not always the most comfortable. You will be most comfortable if you have one of your own blankets too.

Laundry Supplies – A Rubba Scrubba if you want to do laundry in your room (I highly recommend it this bag!), quarters, laundry bag or rubba scrubba bag can double as a laundry bag, laundry detergent, and a tide pen is optional.\

Most future flight attendants are wondering what to pack for flight attendant training, so I created a free downloadable Flight Attendant Training Packing List to make it as easy as possible for you.

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So there you have it, what to bring to flight attendant training.

Did I miss any of the essentials? Let me know in the comments if this helped you with what to pack for flight attendant training.

Flight Attendant Training Packing List

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