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Ultimate Guide - Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Job

Working as a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines in that yellow and black uniform can be exciting and rewarding. Spirit Flight Attendants explore North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean on one of the youngest fleets in the industry.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

Being aware of the flight attendant requirements, salary, and benefits information is an important part of any flight attendant job decision. 

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements:

  • -Two years experience in Guest Service, Hospitality, and or Sales experience.
  • -High School Diploma or GED; College degree and Driver’s license are preferred. (Preferred, but not required.)
  • -Twenty-one years of age, 5’0 (without shoes), no visible tattoos, and no more than two earrings per lobe.
  • -A valid passport for at least the next six months, with the ability to travel to countries served by Spirit.
  • -Ability to assist Guests with carry-on luggage, lift and open emergency exit doors, push beverage carts, and stand for long periods.
  • -Ability to work flexible hours, days, and holidays in close quarters with service animals and all snack items, including but not limited to peanuts.
  • -Attend and (successfully) complete a 4-week Flight Attendant training program.

Hiring Process

  1. Apply – and submit your resume Online.
  2. HireVu Interview – This is a recorded interview where you play interactive games and answer questions.
  3. F2F or Face-to-Face Interview – Wear a professional interview outfit, and bring your resume
  4. Initial Flight Attendant Training – Four weeks of intense training in Orlando, Florida
  5. Graduation – After initial flight attendant training, you will earn your wings as a Spirit Flight Attendant. – But you have to pass. If not, you could be sent home, as with any airline.

How to Apply

Check out the Future Flight Attendant Job Board and look under the Ultra Low Cost Carriers to see if Spirit Airlines is hiring, and then fill out the online application.

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Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Salary and Benefits

On February 20th, 2023, a Tentative Agreement was reached between the Flight Attendant Union and the Company. 

What is a Tentative Agreement? That’s when a new contract is tentatively agreed upon but still needs to be voted on by the flight attendants. 

April 13th, 2023, is the date the votes get counted to see if the new Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant contract passes. The day the contract passes and becomes an agreement it’s called the DOR or Date of Ratification. 

So far, the proposed pay raise is looking good.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Pay Scale


It took 16 years to top out in pay as a Spirit Flight Attendant, but now it’s been proposed to be lowered to 13, which is much better. The sooner a flight attendant tops out in pay, the more money they make. 

Also, with the new proposed TA (Tentative Agreement), Spirit Flight Attendants will get a raise on 1/1/23 and 1/1/24, as reflected on the payscale chart.

Spirit’s new pay rates are comparable to JetBlue’s straight pay scale, but what makes Spirit’s pay better is that for every hour per month that they work over 85 hours, their Flight Attendants get paid time and a half or 150% pay. 

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Another attractive advantage Spirit Airlines offers their flight attendants is no monthly minimums. That means, as a Spirit FA, life can be highly flexible, and you can take an entire month off of work if you can manage your schedule to make that happen.

Benefits for Flight Attendants at Spirit

Spirit has some great benefits for flight attendants. Spirit benefits include medical, dental, 401(k) match, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and free travel. 

There are also many discounts flight attendants often receive, and Spirit Airlines employees receive deals on hotels, rental cars, cell phone services, FedEx, meal plans, and more.

I love the tuition reimbursement they offer, and it’s a maximum of $4,500 per year. Spirit encourages furthering your education and professional development.

In addition, the AFA- CWA, the Spirit Flight Attendant Union, offers union members free college, as well as for the families of union members.

Union Plus offers Scholarships ($500 – $4000) for members already enrolled in college and free Community College Degrees. 

In addition, you can enroll in the free bachelor’s degree program if you already have your associate’s degree. However, this program is momentarily paused.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Training

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Training is four weeks long in Orlando, Florida. 

Aspiring Flight Attendants learn, study, practice, and are tested and drilled on everything they need to know to earn their wings. Upon graduation, and get their FAA Flight Attendant Certificate and become official Spirit Flight Attendants.

Does Spirit Pay For Training?

The airline does provide hotel accommodations, but training is unpaid, CJO holders receive a preloaded Care Card with $1,305 for meals and expenses for training. Plus, a graduation bonus of $1,250, is a great perk.

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Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements Pay Benefits Uniform

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Reserve

Spirit Airlines has a straight reserve system. With a monthly guarantee of 72 hours, a starting Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant can expect to make a monthly minimum of at least $1655 for the first six months of their career. It is on the lower end, but reserves can pick up extra hours on their days off.

There are three reserve periods instead of a 24-hour reserve. During the reserve periods, flight attendants are only “on call” at certain hours of the day and don’t have to sit by the phone for 24 hours waiting for an assignment.

What About the Spirit Airlines JetBlue Merger?

The merger has yet to be approved by the Department of Justice. The DOJ must determine that it does not violate antitrust laws or regulations before approval. There is no set timeline for the proposed merger, so only time will tell if and when it will happen.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Bases


Spirit Airlines has ten flight attendant bases in the following cities:

  • ACY – Atlantic City, NJ
  • DFW -Dallas Fort Worth, TX
  • DTW – Detroit, MI
  • FLL – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • LAS – Las Vegas, NV
  • MCO – Orlando, FL
  • ATL – Atlanta, GA
  • MIA – Miami, FL
  • ORD – Chicago, IL
  • IAH – Houston, TX

Flight Attendant Reviews

Spirit Airlines is rated pretty high among employee satisfaction.

Flight Attendants quickly point out it’s a great company, but it’s not without a few negative aspects. 

The seats are more cramped than on other airlines and on time flights are only about 68% leading to customers being more cranky at Spirit. The pay was another complaint of Spirit Flight Attendants, but it’s getting better.

It is less work being a flight attendant for Spirit than at an airline that does full service, which can be either a pro or con. But, many flight attendants like what they do and enjoy their careers working for a fun and unique company.

In 2022, Spirit was recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity, so they not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to meet the Spirit Airlines flight attendant requirements? Is it a good airline for flight attendants? Spirit has much going for it, and there is plenty of room for growth and expansion. I believe it will continue to improve whatever happens in the future.

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