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SkyWest Flight Attendant

SkyWest Flight Attendant - Airplane flying over map of United States Are you passionate about traveling and providing excellent customer service? If so, a career as a flight attendant may be perfect for you. And if you’re looking for a great airline to work for, consider SkyWest Airlines.

As one of the leading regional airlines in the United States headquartered in St. George, Utah, SkyWest has a strong reputation for safety, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

This post will walk you through the requirements, pay, airlines served, benefits, and more of being a SkyWest flight attendant.

It will also give you an insight into the interview process and share reviews from current and former Skywest flight attendants.

So, if you’re ready to take your first step toward a career as a SkyWest flight attendant, keep reading!

An Independent Regional Airline

SkyWest is an independent regional airline. They are the largest independently owned of all the regional airlines, giving them a competitive advantage.

Being a regional airline means they operate primarily in specific regions and aren’t part of or controlled by a larger airline company, even though they operate flights for them. It’s kind of like they’re the captain of their own ship – they make their own rules and don’t have to answer to anyone else. 

Here’s where it gets interesting: SkyWest is at the top of its game. It’s the biggest independent regional airline around – that’s like being the star player on a college basketball team. 

This ‘biggest’ status gives them a ‘competitive advantage.’ It means they have unique benefits that some of the other regional airlines don’t. 

Being the largest independently owned regional airlines allows SkyWest to move faster, make decisions without waiting for approval from a ‘parent’ company, and respond more quickly to changes. 

SkyWest Airplane flying through the clouds

SkyWest Flight Attendant Job Description

Skywest looks for individuals who take pride in doing their job well and on time.

They seek “dedicated individuals who understand a deadline-driven environment while maintaining high-quality operational safety and customer service standards.”

SkyWest employees are passionate about the travel industry and strive to provide exceptional experiences to all passengers, whether seasoned or first-time fliers.

It’s employees are proud of the unique and unparalleled culture of teamwork, respect, quality, and professionalism. 

Flight Attendant Responsibilities

The following list outlines the responsibilities of a SkyWest flight attendant – a role that requires a great deal of multitasking, attention to detail, and exceptional communication skills.

Let’s take a closer look at the responsibilities that come with the Flight Attendant role:

  • ❇️ Ensure the safety and comfort of customers onboard the aircraft.
  • ❇️ Consistently contribute to a positive and productive work environment with employees and customers. 
  • ❇️ Efficiently prepare, serve, and restock in-flight beverages, meals, and snacks, and sell onboard liquor and food.
  • ❇️ Greet passengers, assist with carry-on baggage stowage, and deliver onboard announcements.
  • ❇️ Provide effective leadership, direction, and assistance in emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • ❇️ Calmly resolve passenger situations during flights, including disorderly passengers and medical emergencies.
  • ❇️ Ensure compliance with safety regulations by inspecting and safely operating aircraft cabin components, systems, and emergency equipment such as escape slides, fire extinguishers, portable oxygen bottles, and automatic external defibrillators (AED).
  • ❇️ Adhere to established procedures and performance standards without supervision.
Doctor Performing Hearing Test

SkyWest Flight Attendant Requirements

The flight attendant job is not for everyone, and there are pros and cons to being a flight attendant.

The job requires specific skills, requirements, and personal characteristics to perform effectively and safely.

  • ✅ Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • ✅ High school diploma or equivalency required.
  • ✅ Before attending training, the applicant must have a valid U.S. or foreign passport and any applicable visas necessary to travel freely between the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas.
  • ✅ Excellent English communication skills are required to provide safety information to passengers and write clear, factual, and detailed reports about irregular, emergency, and security events.
  • ✅ Comfortable utilizing essential functions of electronic devices and PEDs to operate audio and video systems, collect and track in-flight purchases, and perform other flight and training duties.
  • ✅ Willing to work shifts up to 16 hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • ✅ Able to travel frequently and spend lengthy periods alone and without supervision.
  • ✅ Must be reliable and punctual.
  • ✅ Must be willing to relocate to one of their crew domiciles/bases.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements are an essential aspect of becoming a SkyWest flight attendant. You will need to perform various physical tasks as part of the job. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you meet the necessary physical requirements before you can apply for the job.

  • Height and weight must allow for the safe operation of the aircraft and may not exceed specific aircraft dimensions (for example, must be able to sit in a jumpseat and fasten the harness, move throughout the cabin aisle, and operate emergency exits). Your height must be between 5’0″ and 6’0″ without shoes for your safety.
  • ✅ Must be physically able to perform tasks that require frequent walking, bending below ankle level and reaching above shoulder level; open emergency exits and close aircraft doors weighing up to 45 pounds; push and pull beverage cart weighing up to 250 pounds; and lift, store, transport and reach for items with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • ✅ Corrected vision should be at most 20/40.
  • ✅ A standard or corrected hearing range within 15-17kHZ is required.
  • ✅ Overall appearance must be professional, neat, and clean. 
  • ✅ No extreme hairstyles or colors are permitted.
  • ✅ Single stud nose piercing 2mm or smaller is allowed. Two piercings are allowed per ear. Gauges must be plugged with clear or skin-toned plugs and must not exceed ½”. Other facial, mouth, or tongue piercings are not permitted.
  • ✅ Visible tattoos are permitted with limitations based on dimension and location. Tattoos that do not fall within these guidelines must be covered by the uniform or with skin tone-compatible tattoo makeup. Bandages are not an approved form of tattoo coverage. Offensive tattoos must not be visible.
  • ✅ Must wear a company-issued uniform and compliant face mask/covering when required.

SkyWest Flight Attendant Bases

19 SkyWest Flight Attendant Bases List

SkyWest has 19 bases located throughout the country. As one of their flight attendants, you will receive a base assignment after training and must be ready to relocate.

You are not required to stay in that base permanently, as you may transfer to another base after a specific time, depending on operational availability.

SkyWest Bases are as follows:

SEA – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Seattle, WA

PDX – Portland International Airport – Portland, OR

BOI –  Boise Airport – Boise, ID

SFO – San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco, CA

FAT – Fresno Yosemite International Airport – Fresno, CA

LAX – Los Angeles International Airport – Los Angeles, CA

SAN – San Diego International Airport – San Diego, CA

PSP – Palm Springs International Airport – Palm Springs, CA

PHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – Phoenix, AZ

TUS – Tuscon International Airport – Tulsa, OK

SLC – Salt Lake City International Airport – Salt Lake City, UT

DEN – Denver International Airport – Denver, CO

COS – Colorado Springs Airport – Colorado Springs, CO

DFW – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport – Dallas Fort Worth, TX

IAH – George Bush Intercontinental Airport -Houston, TX

MSP – Minneapolis St. Paul – Minneapolis, MN

ORD – Chicago O’Hare International Airport – Chicago, IL

DTW – Detroit Metro Willow Run – Detroit, MI

ATL – Atlanta Airport – Atlanta, GA

Airlines SkyWest Serves

You will enjoy serving passengers from four legacy airlines as a Skywest flight attendant:

🔺 Delta Air Lines
🌐 United Airlines
🇺🇸 American Airlines
❄️ Alaska Airlines

Working at SkyWest gives you a unique perspective of the service of each airline.

SkyWest Flight Attendant Pay Scale

Every airline has its advantages and disadvantages. However, SkyWest might be the best option if you’re looking for the highest flight attendant pay in a regional airline. 

At SkyWest, the starting pay for flight attendants is $28.16 per flight hour for the first two years. 

By the second year, the pay increases to $28.28 per hour; at five years of service, it increases to $32.63 per hour. SkyWest also offers regular raises to flight attendants until they complete 25 years of service at $47.32.

All SkyWest flight attendants receive boarding pay, which can add up to a nice bonus at the end of the month.

Skywest Flight Attendant Pay with money falling

Flight Attendant Reserve Pay

If you’re a reserve flight attendant at SkyWest, you are guaranteed a minimum of 76 hours per month. And that’s not all! You’ll also receive additional boarding pay and per diem ($2.15 per hour). Flight hours at SkyWest refer to when the main cabin door closes until it opens again on arrival. 

SkyWest also offers boarding pay (25% of your hourly rate), which means you’ll get paid during boarding, unlike other airlines where this time is typically unpaid. 

Although your reserve monthly guarantee is 76 hours, you can typically expect to fly more per month, depending on operational needs.

SkyWest Flight Attendant Benefits

Many advantages to working at SkyWest make it an excellent company. 

Along with free travel and top-notch health insurance, other benefits include 401K matching, disability and life insurance, and an employee assistance program.

They become a great addition to the pay when factoring in all these benefits.

SkyWest Flight Attendant Uniform

As an added benefit, SkyWest Airlines provides its flight attendants with a basic uniform for free once they have completed their Initial New Hire training. Additionally, they are entitled to $5 per paycheck for uniform maintenance, including alterations and dry cleaning. 

That’s a great benefit, as most airlines charge flight attendants for their first uniforms. You’ll need to purchase luggage, but the good news is that you can find affordable luggage options in the Future Flight Attendant Amazon Storefront.

As representatives of SkyWest, all flight attendants must follow the uniform and appearance guidelines set by the airline.

Flight Attendant Interview Process

The SkyWest flight attendant interview process starts with an online application and a resume submission. If the recruiters like your resume, you will be given two options: do a virtual one-way interview or attend one of their in-person interviews. 

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You can attend an in-person interview at any of their nationwide locations. They hold open interviews so that anyone can show up. If you attend an in-person interview, you must complete their application online. 

Check out the Future Flight Attendant Job Board for Who’s Hiring and SkyWest Open Interviews.

The interview process starts with a height test, and you must be between 5 and 6 feet tall. You will then have a 1:1 interview where they review your resume and work experience and ask you a few questions to evaluate your personality and situational awareness. After that, they chat with you to get to know you better, and then you are free to leave. 

After the Interview

If you pass the interview, you will receive an email the following day inviting you to a final questionnaire. 

If you align with their values based on your answers, you will receive a congratulations email with a CJO/CTO (Conditional Job Offer / Conditional Training Offer) by mid-day. 

You will receive a TBNT (Thanks But No Thanks) email if not. For those who did the virtual one-way interview, most received their offer within 1-7 days after submission. (2023)

Your CTO/CJO Congratulations email includes the class date for training they are assigning you to. If you cannot attend the assigned training, you can email them to ask if there is space in an earlier class. 

Flight Attendant in aisle with cart

SkyWest Flight Attendant Training

When invited to Flight Attendant Training with SkyWest, here are some key things to know.

SkyWest flight attendant trainees will be provided with a comprehensive home study packet at least 10 days prior to their Initial New Hire Flight Attendant Training.

On the first day of training, they will be evaluated on the contents of the packet, and it is mandatory to pass the evaluation in order to continue with the training.

Failure to meet the requirements will lead to dismissal from the program.

The airline provides flights and hotel accommodations if you live beyond the 40-mile radius of their hangar/training facility in SLC.

For 2023, the training was 32 days with two non-consecutive days off, and SkyWest paid $1800 pre-tax.

Starting in January 2024, the training period will be 35 days with three non-consecutive days off and will be paid at $1800 pre-tax. Flight attendant trainee accommodations begin the day before the training.

During the training, flight attendant trainees have a room to themselves. Not having a roommate is a tremendous benefit! For most airlines, you have a roommate for training, which has its challenges.

Depending on availability, the room may have one king-size bed or two queen-size beds.

To pass the Entrance Exam and Final Exam, you must score 80% or more, and there are no retakes for these exams. For all other exams, you must also score 80% or more, with one retake allowed (up to two retakes total). However, if you fail the exam three times, you will be sent home from training.

You will get one free attempt to pass the drills, and the second attempt will be your final attempt. If you fail to pass the drill on your second attempt, you must redo it the next morning before class.

Some drills throughout the training may be pass or fail, meaning you must pass it by the second attempt or be sent home.

It is important to note that you are only allowed a maximum of two failures in combination with drills.

Skywest Flight Attendant Training Tips

As part of your SkyWest flight attendant training, following all rules and regulations to the letter is important. If something is against the rules, do not attempt to bend or break them. You must always be on time for your classes and breaks. Even being one second late can result in severe consequences.

Flight Attendant training is designed to help you comply with FAA regulations. Take everything you learn seriously; it will be essential to your job.

Do not hesitate to ask your instructor if you have questions about your training, uniform, or any other requirements. Wearing a non-compliant uniform piece to training could result in being out of compliance.

SkyWest is a partner with four mainline carriers, which means it has to comply with strict regulations. However, the upside is that you get to wear four different uniforms throughout your career with them.

During training, your instructors are there to help, so feel free to ask them any questions you have. Engaging during training can help you stay alert and retain information.

Studying with others can be helpful, so create study groups if possible. Take things one day at a time, and do not worry about multiple exams or drills simultaneously. It’s important to take a break from thinking about SkyWest on your days off and enjoy your free time.

During flight attendant training, morale plays an important role. While it varies from person to person, most trainees rely on each other to stay motivated and on track.

The instructors also play a critical role in boosting morale by being approachable, setting clear expectations, and offering support when needed.

They are knowledgeable, personable, relatable, and even funny, making the training experience enjoyable and effective.

This supportive environment helps set the trainees up for success and ensures they are well-prepared for future flight attendant roles.

The Initial Operating Experience

The Initial Operating Experience (IOE) is the second part of Flight Attendant Training. It usually takes place a few weeks or more after the first part of training is complete.

Trainees are not paid during this time. Once the IOE has been successfully completed, SkyWest will provide the new hire with a work schedule for their assigned base location.n.

If they need to move, they will have four days to do so after the first part of training is completed. If they need a place to stay, SkyWest will provide a hotel for up to three nights.

After completing their IOE, the new hire flight attendants must undergo the third and final phase of training, which is called the Initial Line Check.

During this phase, they must demonstrate their skills and knowledge and receive a satisfactory score to complete their training.


In conclusion, becoming a SkyWest flight attendant is an excellent career choice, offering many benefits, such as competitive pay, flexible schedules, and growth opportunities. 

With the right mindset, preparation, and attitude, you can pass the interview process and start your journey as a flight attendant. 

I hope this article has provided you with all the information to succeed in your application process and wish you the best of luck in your future career endeavors!

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