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How To Become A Flight Attendant With No Experience

How To Become A Flight Attendant 

Do you want to learn how to become a flight attendant, even if you have no experience? This ultimate guide has everything you need to know from start to finish.

Airlines are hiring, so now is the perfect time to start your career as a flight attendant. 

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What Does A Flight Attendant Do?

Even though when you think of flight attendants, the first thought that may come to mind is “Where  are my drinks?”

Flight Attendants are safety professionals who also happen to be inflight service providers.

As a flight attendant, your number one job is the safety and comfort of passengers.

Flight attendants know how to evacuate an airplane, take care of medical emergencies, protect the aircraft from unruly passengers, and, yes, even terrorists.

Flight attendants have all kinds of crazy hours. They work weekends, most of them work holidays, and are away from home for days at a time.

Flight Attendant Qualifications

The qualifications for a flight attendant vary a little from airline to airline. Some qualifications that need to be met, but previous experience as a flight attendant isn’t one of them.
You will, however, have to meet the individual airline’s flight attendant requirements.

Find Out Who’s Hiring Flight Attendants

Before you can learn how become a flight attendant, you’ll need to find out who’s hiring. Fortunately, our flight attendant job board is updated daily, and it’s the perfect resource to find out who’s hiring flight attendants right now.

Sometimes airlines only open applications for a few weeks, a few days, and sometimes even a few hours. So if you want to find out who’s hiring, you may need to check the list every day, so you don’t miss an opportunity.

How To Become A Flight Attendant Airplane Flying

Choose An Airline

Not all airlines are created equal. Some airlines are better than others when it comes to destinations, flight attendant life, and most importantly, pay.

You may want to apply for any open flight attendant position to gain some flight attendant experience, or you can go straight to your dream airline if they are hiring flight attendants. 

Either way, it’s always good to dream big. *Most flight attendant applicants don’t land their dream airline on their first try, and it’s OK to shop around while waiting to get hired by your favorite airline.

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A Stellar Flight Attendant Resume & Cover Letter

You will need a competitive flight attendant resume before you even get your foot in the door for your first interview in the airline industry.

You don’t have to do your resume yourself. In fact, unless you are amazing at resume writing, it’s worthwhile to have your flight attendant resume done professionally. 

Even if you already have flight attendant experience, you won’t get an interview without a perfectly keyworded resume.

Having a great resume is especially important if you want to know how to become a flight attendant if you have experience. A resume done right can showcase you as the perfect candidate for the job. 

If you want to know how to become a flight attendant, your resume is one of the best places to focus your efforts.

Your resume follows you through the entire interview process and can make a great first impression with everyone you encounter every step of the way.

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Apply For The Flight Attendant Position

One of the first steps in becoming a flight attendant is applying to airlines. As mentioned earlier, apply to your dream airline if they are hiring, and you may want to apply for any open flight attendant position to keep your options open.

Depending on your age, that can factor into which airlines you apply. There is no maximum age limit for flight attendants, but some airlines starting ages can be anywhere from 18-21.

If you are not eligible to apply to your dream airline yet, you can still apply to an Airline that accepts younger applicants.

When applying to airlines, you fill out an application and upload your resume and cover letter. Depending on the airline, there may be an online assessment for you to participate in during the application process.

Check out which airlines are hiring right now on the Future Flight Attendant Job Board.

how to become a flight attendant the interview process

The Flight Attendant Interview Process

To become a flight attendant, applicants go through an extensive interview process.

Types Of Flight Attendant Interviews:

There may be a live online interview, a recorded video interview – also known as a VI, a face-to-face interview also known as a F2F, a panel interview (the applicant in front of a panel of interviewers), and a group interview that may be either online or in person. 

The flight attendant interview process is highly competitive, with only about 2% of applicants selected for the position.

Each airline has a separate interview process, and that process is always changing.

However, one thing you can count on is that to become a flight attendant the applicants must pass a variety of interviews for any airline before becoming a flight attendant.

Being well prepared for flight attendant interviews is crucial, and you can be ready for the wide range of interview questions with the help of a Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide.

During the interview process flight attendants multiple people screen the applicant as they undergo extensive background checks and FBI fingerprinting before hiring.

The screening is all part of the interview process and means you are well on your way to becoming a flight attendant. 

If you want to fast track your progress, you may want to invest in Flight Attendant Interview Coaching. With a coach you will be able to calm your nerves and know all the right things to say in any interview setting.

Flight Attendant Training

Once you are selected to advance, aspiring flight attendants must complete three to six weeks of grueling flight attendant training.

The length of initial the training program is varies for each airline.

At most airlines, going to flight attendant training does not mean that you are an airline employee just yet. It means you have a CJO or contingent job offer. 

It is called a CJO because Initial training for some airlines is still part of the interview process. The job offer is contingent on the completion of initial flight attendant training.

However, even if flight attendant applicants are considered an employee of an airline at training, there is the possibility of being sent home with the job offer rescinded if they don’t pass flight attendant training.

No one can become a flight attendant without first passing flight attendant initial training.

Flight attendant initial training is an exhilarating time, and applicants learn all about emergency equipment, how to assist passengers, and emergency procedures.

Flight attendants only go through initial training once but return for continuing qualification every year.

Initial Operating Experience

The next step to becoming a flight attendant that happens just before graduation of initial training is the initial operating experience or IOE.

The IOE allows flight attendant applicants to work during an actual flight with the support of the actual crew and inflight instructors.

During the initial operating experience, flight attendant applicants handle almost everything on the IOE flight is as if applicants are the working crew.

Graded on their IOE performance, the applicants are almost ready to receive their wings.

Flight Attendant Base Assignments

Flight attendant base assignments are an important section to include in this ultimate guide because, as a flight attendant, you don’t always get your first choice for your future base even if the airline has a base in your home city.

Aspiring flight attendants choose their base preference during initial training, and base choices are awarded in seniority order according to availability.

When becoming a flight attendant, it’s vital to know that you may not be based close to home right away, and this is a fantastic opportunity for adventure.

You don’t have to completely relocate, you can go home on your days off if you are willing to commute.

Flight Attendant Graduation

Once a flight attendant successfully passes initial training and they will have learned how to use and the location the safety equipment.

Before graduating the new flight attendants will have learned how to evacuate an aircraft and will be fully prepared for any and all types of emergencies that they could possibly encounter on an aircraft.

Graduation is an exciting time because once the flight attendant applicants have their wings pinned at the graduation ceremony they are fully certified flight attendants.

Begining The Flight Attendant Career

After graduation from flight attendant training, new flight attendants have a few days to settle into their new lives before flying their first trip.

There is a base orientation at the base where new flight attendants learn everything they need to know about this exciting career.

Most new flight attendants are on reserve, which means they are on call and have an opportunity to choose their days off within a schedule. Reserve flight attendants are assigned trips according to operational need.

As time passes, flight attendants gain seniority, and their careers becomes much more flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Flight Attendant:

The most commonly asked questions about becoming a flight attendant.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Flight Attendant?

Overall the qualifications needed to become a flight attendant are a legal ability to work in the USA (for a US-based airline), the ability to travel unrestricted in and out of the country, a high school diploma or GED, and most airlines require customer service experience.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Flight Attendant?

How long it takes to become a flight attendant depends on many factors. Flight attendant training takes three to six weeks, but the interview process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Some airlines are quick, and applicants can speed through the hiring process in a few weeks, and others can take a few months.

Many aspiring applicants can go through the process numerous times without a contingent job offer and repeatedly have to start the process over.

How Much Do Flight Attendants Make A Year?

How much do flight attendants make a year?

How much flight attendants make a year depends on the airline and years of service. Flight attendants contractually receive a raise each year for a set number of years.

A first-year flight attendant salary can be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 + depending on the airline.

Seasoned flight attendants at one of the top airlines can easily make six figures a year.

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Is It Hard To Become A Flight Attendant?

With less than 2% of applicants applying to become a flight attendant at the major ailines it’s challenging to get hired!

Here’s a secret though, most applicants have no clue how to get hired and you can gain a significant advantage by taking a  flight attendant course to fast track your flight attendant career.

Most of the competition does not invest in professional assistance learn how to master the interview process, which gives those who do invest in themselves a huge advantage.

With the right mindset and determination, you can do anything. 

What Are The Best Airlines To Work For As A Flight Attendant?

Each airline has different benefits and perks for their flight attendants, but you can’t go wrong with any of these Top 5 Airlines For Flight Attendants.

Is There A Flight Attendant Course I Can Take?

Yes! Future Flight Attendant has an online learning program that teaches you how to navigate the interview process so that you can get hired as a flight attendant.

Airlines train you to become a flight attendant, but what they don’t teach you? How to get hired and that’s what Future Flight Attendant Does Best.

Can A Man Become A Flight Attendant?

Men can become flight attendants and they can excel at the job. Being a flight attendant isn’t only for women, all genders make great flight attendants if they have a passion to serve.

Do Flight Attendants Get Free Flights?

Flight attendants do get free flights, and not only from the airline that they work for, but any other airlines that have an agreement with airline they work for gives them free and discounted flights too.

Do I Need Certification To Become A Flight Attendant?

You do need certification to become a flight attendant, but you will get certified once you go through flight attendant training.

The flight attendant’s new airline will ensure that they get their DOT Federal Aviation Administration, Flight Attendant Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency in the form of a card.

Can I become a flight attendant with a DUI?

In some cases you can get hired as a flight attendant with a DUI on your record.

Some airlines may hire you with a DUI, but if the airline goes to Canada, you may not be able to enter the country, even as a flight attendant. 

The flight attendant job takes you to secure areas, and with such stiff competition for the flight attendant position, airlines hire applicants with a clean record.

Can I Become A Flight Attendant With No Experience?

You can become a flight attendant with no experience. 95% of new hire flight attendants are first-time flight attendants. 

So there you have it, exactly how to become a flight attendant, let’s recap.

How To Become A Flight Attendant – Recap:
  • – Find Out Who’s Hiring Flight Attendants
  • – Choose Your Dream Airline
  • – Have a Stellar Flight Attendant Resume & Cover Letter
  • – Apply For The Flight Attendant Position
  • – Go Through The Flight Attendant Interview Process
  • – Attend Flight Attendant Training
  • – Pass The Initial Operating Experience
  • – Get Your Base Assignment
  • – Flight Attendant Graduation
  • – Begin Your Flight Attendant Career

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