Want To Fast Track Your Flight Attendant Career?  

Future Flight Attendant Course

Hello, my name is Deanna Castro, the creator of The Future Flight Attendant Course at the Future Flight Attendant Online Academy, and I’m also a flight attendant. I wasted years of my life in dead-end jobs when all I wanted to do was travel the world as a flight attendant, but I had no idea where to start.

I’m here to help you with a master plan to turn your dream of being a flight attendant into a reality! Getting hired as a flight attendant is no easy feat, and with the current climate, things will get even more difficult! Now is the time to prepare yourself to become the best flight attendant candidate you can be.

Flight Attendant Course

With the Future Flight Attendant Course, you can learn countless years’ worth of information in eight short weeks.  How would you feel waking up in the morning, heading to the airport to jet off to some exotic location, not for free, but being paid?!?  At the Future Flight Attendant Online Academy, you will learn the exact steps to become a flight attendant, online from your own home.

Flight Attendant Course - Earn Your Wings

The Future Flight Attendant Course is the first of it’s kind. What makes this course different? You waste your time learning how to be a flight attendant, but rather how to get hired as a flight attendant.

With our eight week self-paced program you will learn:

Module 1 – Choosing The Right Airline

What is the right airline for someone, may not be right for you. This section of the course will teach you about different types of airlines and flight attendants.  

Flight attendant life is entirely different from any other experience and not what you may expect. The lessons in module one of the flight attendant course will prepare you and help you decide which airline will best suit your lifestyle and expectations.

Lessons included in Module 1

  1. Types of Flight Attendants – There are quite a few different types of flight attendants that you will learn about in the flight attendant course. We help you get crystal clear on your decision on what kind of flight attendant that you want to be.
  2. Types of Commercial Airlines – This is a huge decision when choosing which company you would like!
  3. Locations and Destinations – Do you want to go to Paris, France or Paris, Texas? Choosing the right airline means everything here!
  4. Reserve – Life as a reserve flight attendant can be crazy! You will learn what to expect, so you don’t experience culture shock.
  5. Flight Attendant Pay – Some hard-working stews bring home six-figures while others are barely above the poverty level. Choosing the wrong airline can be a costly mistake!
  6. Company Culture – Some companies are better than others, we teach you how to pick an airline that has a culture more in line with your values.
  7. Module 1 Wrap Up – You will be sure to understand every single lesson in Module 1 and prepare for the next module by the end of this lesson.

Module 2 – The Hiring Process and Interviews

The flight attendant hiring process can be long and complicated. As a flight attendant applicant, there are a series of interviews that you must pass to get to the next phase of the hiring process.

As an FFAOA student, you are polished and prepared for each step of the process so that you stand out from the crowd.

Lessons Included in Module 2

  1. Who’s Hiring – The FFAOA Future Flight Attendant Course will teach you how to be the first to know who’s hiring, saving you valuable time before airlines reach their candidate limit.
  2. The Flight Attendant Job Description – Learn what it means to be a flight attendant.
  3. The Hiring Process – From the initial assessment through all aspects of the face to face interview, our flight attendant course has got you covered!
  4. Interviews – FFAOA prepares you are for every type of interview down to the last detail.
  5. Interview Questions and How To Answer Them – This may be the most valuable lesson in the course.
  6. Getting to The Face To Face Interview – Be fully prepared for the most important interview of your life.
  7. Module 2 Wrap Up – You will be sure to understand every single lesson in Module 2 and prepare for the next module by the end of this lesson.

Module 3 – Presentation and Packaging

FFAOA’s Flight Attendant Course will teach you how to put your best foot forward from accessories to the clothes that you wear.

We will groom you to become the perfect flight attendant candidate! You will learn to present your best self and to dress the part of a flight attendant in the FFAOA Flight Attendant Course.

Lessons Included in Module 3

  1. Dressing the Part – Discover your style that screams “flight attendant.”
  2. Grooming – Being a flight attendant requires impeccable grooming habits.
  3. Appearance Standards – Don’t be passed by for the job because you fail the appearance standards. Learn what is and what is not acceptable for a flight attendant candidate.
  4. Your Resume and Cover Letter – learn how to write a perfectly keyworded flight attendant resume and to showcase your skills and talents that make you the perfect candidate for the job.
  5. Confidence – Lacking confidence? No problem. The future flight attendant course will teach you how to have the confidence you need to land your dream job.
  6. Tips To Be Your Best Self – Just being yourself isn’t enough; we teach you to be your best self so that you can shine.
  7. Module 3 Wrap Up – You will be sure to understand every single lesson in Module 3 and prepare for the next module by the end of this lesson.

You will learn to grow your confidence and show the recruiters that you are professional in every aspect. The Future Flight Attendant Course will help you highlight and increase all of your skills and abilities that translate to the flight attendant career.

Module 4 – Initial Training and Beyond

Being a flight attendant isn’t like any other job; it’s an excellent career. You will work to get hired, maybe harder than you ever worked for anything in your life. Our flight attendant training will help you prepare for this daunting task.

At FFAOA, Our students learn to be prepared for the entire process of becoming a flight attendant with our flagship flight attendant course. This online flight attendant training is unlike any other training available. 

Lessons Included in Module 4

  1. What To Expect After The CJO – Once you get that coveted CJO (Contingent Job Offer), things tend to move fast!
  2. Getting Your Finances In Order – In this flight attendant course, you will learn how to get your finances in order so that you can make a smooth transition to this new flight attendant lifestyle.
  3. Initial Training – You must pass initial flight attendant training and have your wings pinned at graduation before you are an official flight attendant. 
  4. What to Pack – Pack wrong, and it can be the bane of your existence! Learn how to pack like a flight attendant so that you can be comfortable and prepared without being bogged down with too much “stuff.”
  5. Study Tips – Some aspiring flight attendants never make it past initial training. The Future Flight Attendant Course will help you prepare for initial training with study tips and so much more.
  6. Finding A Place To Live After Graduation – As if initial training isn’t stressful enough, once you graduate, you most likely will need to find a place to live. Being prepared makes this part of the process so much easier!
  7. Module 4 Wrap Up – You will be sure to understand every single lesson in Module 4 and prepare for the next module by the end of this lesson.

This flight attendant course is a blueprint for your future as a flight attendant. You do not need to go to school to learn to be a flight attendant; the airlines will teach you that. What you do need to learn is how to get hired.

We are offering our flagship course at the introductory price of $197, which will not happen again. Once this price is gone, it’s gone forever. The regular price will be $497, with no sale or discounted rate ever in the future. The Future Flight Attendant Course is packed with information and value that is worth even more than the price tag of $497, and once you purchase it you will have access for life.

New content is added with bonuses and resources at no extra cost to you ever. When you look good we look good, and FFAOA wants you to succeed. The Flight attendant course at Future Flight Attendant Academy will have you ready for when the airlines once again begin hiring.

Flight attendants are retiring at record rates. Air travel is not going away. Once again flight attendants will be in demand and once the hiring starts again the competition for flight attendant positions will be greater than ever. You will need an edge to stand out and get hired. The Future Flight Attendant Academy is exactly the edge that you need.

Now is the time to prepare. So when the hiring floodgates open you will have that office in the sky. You will be paid to jet off to exotic locations and rub elbows with the rich and famous. You will be living your dream.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you started on the path to your first class career today!