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Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant


Are you thinking about applying for the Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Position? Read this first.

In this post, I’ll be covering all of the frequently asked questions and some in-depth information about becoming a Frontier Airlines flight attendant.

What Is Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines is an Ultra-Low-Cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

What is an Ultra-Low-Cost airline?

An Ultra-Low-Cost airline is an airline with no frills, just the basics in order to keep the costs low and that ultra-low-cost model allows the airline to pass on the savings to it’s customers.

Frontier Airlines “A Whole Different Animal”

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants
Photo Credit: Frontier Airlines
Frontier is a unique airline. Whenever I see the Frontier Airlines planes, I love to look at the tails. They have the cutest animals on their tails, and their airplanes are never boring!
One of the things I personally love about Frontier Airlines is that they are known as “The Worlds Greenest Airline” and keeping with that environmentally friendly approach, its aircraft tails bring awareness to endangered animals.
Frontier even offers “pet insurance” for its employees animals. How cool is that?

Where Are Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants Based?

Frontier Airlines has flight attendant bases in:

DEN – Denver, CO

LAS – Las Vegas, NV

MCO – Orlando, FL

MIA – Miami, MI

TPA – Tampa, FL

ORD & MDW – Chicago IL

ATL – Atlanta, GA

PHX – Phoenix, AZ

TTN – Trenton, NJ

PHL – Philadelphia, PA

SJU – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Summer 2024


Frontier Flight Attendant Requirements

The requirements are from the Frontier Airlines Website are as follow:
  • High school graduate or GED required
  • MUST BE 20 years of age to begin the interview process.
  • 1 to 2 years of customer service experience preferred
  • Valid passport is required, the ability to travel in and out of the United States, and the ability to travel to all current and future international destinations served by Frontier Airlines is required
  • Must present a neat professional appearance and demeanor including adhering to Frontier Inflight uniform and appearance guidelines, including no visible tattoos or multiple piercings.  Tattoos may not exist in the following areas: shoulders to fingertips, neck or chest area, behind the ears and for women – mid-thigh to toes
  • Must be willing to relocate to assigned base location
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, holidays, and extended hours when needed
  • Must be willing to travel for long stretches of time as part of the job
  • Must be willing to change and adapt to meet the demands of the job, including accepting schedule changes on short notice
  • Must be willing to fly both international and domestic routes
  • Where permitted by applicable law, all candidates must have received or be willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by date of hire to be considered for U.S.-based jobs, if not already employed by Frontier Airlines. Proof of vaccination will be required at hire.

Frontier International Destinations

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Jamaica

Frontier services some interesting cities. As a Frontier Flight Attendant you may go to some of their international destinations.

Frontier’s “International” Destinations: 
  • Antigua (ANU) 
  • St. Martin (SXM)
  • Aruba (AUA)
  • Bahamas (NAS)
  • Belize (BZE)
  • Costa Rica (LIR & SJO)
  • Dominican Republic (PUJ & SDQ)
  • Guatemala (GUA)
  • Jamaica (KIN & MBJ)
  • Mexico (SJD, CUN, CZM, GDL, MTY, & PVR) 
  • Puerto Rico (BQN & SJU)
  •  El Salvador (SAL) 
  • Turks & Caicos (PLS) 
  • US Virgin Islands (STT)

I used “International” in quotes because airlines consider these locations as “domestic” even though most of those destinations are indeed international locations. 

Frontier Flight Attendant Salary

Frontier Flight Attendant Pay Scale

Want to know how much money does a Frontier Flight attendant make?

Frontier Airlines flight attendants have a starting salary of $24.51. Topping out at $57.67 after 19 years. Frontier has one of the longest pay scales in the industry, meaning it takes the most amount of years to top out in pay. 

Frontier has a straight reserve system. Which means that flight attendants will be on reserve (on call basically) until they are senior enough to hold a line of flying.

As a reserve flight attendant at Frontier, there are a minimum of 11 days off a month.

The reserve flight attendant guarantee is 75 hours a month. What is a reserve guarantee? It is a guarantee of 75 hours per month even if you fly less than that amount of hours.

If a reserve flight attendant flies more than 75 hours, they will be paid for all hours flown.

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Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Per Diem:
Flight attendants at Frontier earn $2.15 an hour Per Diem. Per Diem is an amount of money that a flight attendant gets paid from the moment they check in for a trip, until the trip is finished. Per Diem is for expenses they may incur such as meals etc.     
Frontier does allow their flight attendants to receive tips, something a lot of airlines don’t allow.
Flight attendants also can earn commission on credit card sales, which is a program that most airlines do participate in today.

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process

The Frontier Airlines flight attendant hiring process if you are successful is as follows:

  1. 1. Apply – Flight attendant applicants submit their resume online. 
  2. 2. Assessment – An email will be delivered shortly thereafter, with a link to take an assessment.
  3. 3. VI – This is a 15 to 20 minute video interview.
  4. 4. F2FThe face to face interview, Frontier will fly you out to the nearest base for an interview.
  5. 5. Flight Attendant Training & Graduation – 3.5 – 4 weeks in Cheyanne, Wyoming
  6. 6. IOE – initial operating experience (within 10 days of graduation)
  7. 7. Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant!

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about the Frontier Airlines flight attendant position.

Is Frontier a Turn Only Airline?

A turn is a flight that goes out and back with no over night stays. Frontier is moving to a mostly turn model. However, there will still be some overnight trips.

Are Spirit and Frontier the same?

Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines are not merging. However, at this time they are both ULCC or Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers.

Is Frontier Flight Attendant training paid?

 No, it’s not and no Per Diem either. Frontier does provide housing during training, and trainees get three meals per day Monday – Friday. On Saturday only breakfast and dinner are provided and no meals are provided on Sundays.

Side note, there are no vegetarian options provided at training, so if you have dietary restrictions plan ahead! The rooms do have a little refrigerator and microwave so you can keep some food in your room.

How long is Frontier’s Flight Attendant Training?

3.5 – 4 weeks, training is six days a week with one day off on Sundays.

Where is Frontier Flight Attendant Training?

Flight attendant training is in Cheyanne, Wyoming.

There isn’t much to do around the hotel, so if you are in training and need to go somewhere, you will need an Uber if you don’t bring your own car.

Training is usually 0800 – 1800, the days are long and there is a lot of information to learn.

You have 10 days to complete your IOE after graduation. An IOE is an initial operating experience. You will have a maximum of five days to relocate to your new base. Unfortunately, you need to pass the IOE or you could lose your job. It’s rare, but it can happen.

Do you get your own room at Frontier Flight Attendant Training?

Most people have a roommate, occasionally someone will get their own room.

Does Frontier Airlines require flight attendants to be vaccinated?

During the pandemic Frontier required flight attendants to be fully vaccinated before attending flight attendant training, however those restrictions have been lifted.

Who is the Frontier Flight Attendant Union?

The AFA – Association of Flight Attendants is the flight attendant union for Frontier airlines. 

Frontier Flight Attendant Interview 

Frontier Flight Attendant Interview

Want some info straight from a Frontier Flight Attendant? Of course you do!

I did this Q&A or mini interview with Mellinda, who is a current Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant.

Who better to ask what it’s like working for Frontier, than a one of their flight attendants!? 

How long have you been a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant?

2 years almost to the day today…

Is Frontier Airlines a good airline to work for?


Where are you based? 

LAS – Las Vegas, Nevada

How long do you think until you are off of reserve?

I will have a line next month!

What is the most senior base? 

I’m going to go with DEN – Denver

What is the most junior base?

Oh, that’s a good question! Florida bases are trending as junior. My roommate from training has been holding a line for the past year in Tampa, Florida.

So she was only on reserve for one year, that’s great!


What is your favorite thing about Frontier Airlines?

Frontier is unique, and our passengers are very easy going, they are very chill.

What type of trips do you work and are they typical trips that new flight attendants will be working?

Early morning or late evening trips are the junior trips for my base. We have some afternoon trips, but several trips check-in after 6PM, there are quite a few redeye trips.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about The Frontier Airlines flight attendant position. Any questions? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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