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The Best Flight Attendant Shoes

Flight Attendant Shoes

I always get asked what the best flight attendant shoes to wear are.

The right flight attendant shoes are super important because you spend a lot of time as a flight attendant.

Shoes are a big deal whether you have a flight attendant interview, are heading off to training, or already working as a flight attendant.

Shoes make or break our day whether flight attendants are standing, running up and down the aisle for passengers, or walking miles from gate to gate, our feet tire.

It can be overwhelming with so many different styles and brands of flight attendant shoes available, so I put together this list of the best flight attendant shoes. 

What makes a shoe really ”the” best? The most comfortable, of course! Next, consider whether the shoe is airline-approved.

Amazon Try Before You Buy

Did you know that Amazon has a program called Try Before You Buy? It’s completely free and allows you to select up to six items to try for seven days. 

The best part is that returns are always free, and you only have to pay for the items you decide to keep. 

If you’re considering purchasing flight attendant shoes, you can try them on and wear them home. Just make sure to wear them indoors in case you need to return them. 

Try Before You Buy is an excellent way to ensure your shoes (and clothing) will be comfortable for your upcoming interview, training, and work.

Flight Attendant Shoe Requirements

Most airlines require black shoes with no adornments. However, the requirements can vary from airline to airline. Some airlines are more lenient with the shoe requirements, and some are more strict.

Some airlines even allow navy blue or red shoes (for women), but you won’t go wrong with black.

Flight Attendant Interview Shoes

All the shoes in this guide (not including the inflight shoes) are appropriate for the flight attendant interview.

Wearing compliant shoes during a flight attendant interview can benefit you in several ways.

1. You allow the hiring manager or recruiter to see you as a flight attendant. You already own compliant shoes, so they will see that as one less thing you must get used to.

2. Save time and money by not having to search for shoes for flight attendant training. It’s one less thing to worry about before leaving, making preparations smoother.

3. You will already have your shoes for when you begin working as a flight attendant. If you are buying shoes for your interview anyway, consider purchasing a pair you can use for work too.

Female Flight Attendant Shoes

Most airlines require Female flight attendants to wear heeled shoes ranging from one to three inches. However, they can switch to more comfortable footwear after takeoff.

In the winter months, female flight attendants can wear boots. Yet, certain airlines only allow them to wear flats with uniform pants, not with a dress.

All flight attendants must care for their feet because of all the walking involved. If your feet fail you, you won’t be able to work.

Male Flight Attendant Shoes

Male flight attendants can wear dress shoes; a few male flight attendants even slip into more comfortable shoes before starting their inflight service.

The perfect male flight attendant shoe is a clean, sturdy, comfortable black dress shoe.

Top Picks For Flight Attendant Heels

Some airlines may allow heels higher than three inches, but 1-3 inches is standard for women.

I separated the heels into different categories and brands for your convenience.

Clarks Flight Attendant Shoes – Pumps

Clarks Women’s Linvale Jerica Pump

The Clarks Women’s Linvale Jerica Pump is a pair of elegant mid-height heels made from 100% leather. They have a sophisticated, timeless look with a pointed toe and black leather upper.

The shoes also feature an OrthoLite footbed and Cushion Soft padding for added comfort. The leather used for the pumps is responsibly sourced, and the heel measures approximately 2.2 inches.

Clarks Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump

The Women’s Adriel Viola Pump by Clarks is an adorable flight attendant heel in regular and patent leather.

However, it’s important to note that the heel measures 3.25″, which may not be suitable for all airlines’ policies.

Despite the high heel height, the shoe boasts an all-leather upper and synthetic sole.

One feature I particularly appreciate about the Clarks Viola is the ortho footbed which provides exceptional comfort compared to other shoes with stiff, flat soles.

Naturalizer Women’s Flight Attendant Shoes

Naturalizer Women’s Karina Pump

The Naturalizer Women’s Karina Pump is a classic flight attendant square-toe pump made of 100% leather with a comfortable fit. 

The 2.25-inch low-block heel provides everyday comfort, while the flexible, non-slip outsole and Contour+ technology ensure a premium fit and all-day comfort experience. 

Naturalizer Women’s Michelle High Heel Pumps

Naturalizer’s Michelle hits the mark if you are looking for a higher heel that is still a compliant flight attendant shoe.

Naturalizer is one of the most comfortable brands for flight attendants. The comfy insoles make your feet cozy with 100% leather, a synthetic sole, and a three-inch heel.

The padded insole is what truly makes these shoes one of my favorites.

Flight Attendant Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane’s shoes are flight attendant shoes with a strap. The strap helps your shoes stay put and walk more comfortably.

Some flight attendants, Mary Jane shoes, have a lower heel, and you can also wear them in flight. However, most flight attendants change their shoes when airborne because working on the plane in heels injures feet.

Some flight attendants work the entire service in heels, but 999 out of 1000 (or probably an even higher number) don’t do that.

Clarks Womens Rosalyn Wren Pump

Clarks again made the best flight attendant shoes list with their comfortable shoes.

The Clarks Rosalyn Wren Pump looks terrific and is perfect for those long walks through the terminal, with a leather upper, a synthetic sole, and a 2″ heel.

Dansko Callista Mary Jane

The Dansko Callista Mary Jane is a super cute shoe with superior arch support and a comfortable low heel measuring 1.34 inches.

The footbed is covered with chrome-free leather and made with energy return EVA material, featuring the Dansko Natural Arch technology.

The shoes’ uppers are made with high-quality leather, while the linings have chrome-free leather and 100% recycled textile material, which also helps with odor control. (No more stuffing coffee bags into your shoes. 🤭)

Equally important, the rubber outsole provides long-lasting wear, making these shoes an excellent investment.

Dansko Womens Fawna Mary Jane

The Dansko Fawna Mary Jane is one of the most comfortable flight attendant shoes.

There is no need to carry two pairs of shoes when wearing the Dansko Fawna. (Flight attendants have one pair of shoes for the concourse and one for inflight shoes.)

Not every airline will be OK with the 1 – 1.75″ heel height unless the flight attendant wears uniform pants.

Two of my favorite things about these shoes are their odor control and buckle closure instead of velcro.

Most Mary Janes today have velcro straps, and you must be careful not to snag your hosiery or compression socks. A buckle will keep your pantyhose from getting caught on velcro.

Best Vegan Shoes For Flight Attendants (& Budget Friendly)

DREAM PAIRS are PU leather (made from plastic and not leather), skid-proof, and highly affordable.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Low Block Heels


DREAM PAIRS has the best flight attendant shoes if you want to avoid wearing leather because you are vegan or on a tight budget.

These heels are designed for all-day comfort, even when you’re on your feet for long hours. The 3-layer insole has a soft foam mid-layer and a supportive, breathable latex layer.

The foam lining and thickly padded back heel, complemented with a smooth topline, protect your feet from chafing.

The 2.8-inch low-block heel is low enough to be comfortable, while the TPR outsole provides traction and wear resistance, so they are safe and last for a long time.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Mary Jane Low Block Heels   

The Mary Jane Low Block Heels are almost exactly like the other pair, except for the strap across the front for some additional support.

Flight Attendant Shoes For Men

Why settle for either style or comfort when you can have both? These men’s flight attendant shoes offer the best of both worlds.

I highly recommend ECCO shoes for their sleek design and exceptional comfort.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki 2.0 Gore-tex Waterproof Apron Toe Tie Oxford


The ECCO Men’s Helsinki 2.0 has a polyurethane sole, textile lining, and a perforated leather insole for added comfort.

You can choose between two types of leather: premium smooth leather or easy-to-maintain oiled nubuck leather with GORE-TEX waterproofing.

The ECCO FLUIDFORM soft, shock-absorbent sole makes the shoe lightweight and flexible. In addition, the shoe has removable dual-fit insoles that accommodate wider feet and provide more toe space.

ECCO Mens New Jersey Lace Oxfords

These ECCO Men’s New Jersey Lace Oxfords are 100% leather and have a rubber-like PU sole. In addition, they feature a bicycle toe and four blind eyelet lacing, as well as a lightly padded collar.

The insole is moisture absorbent, the outsole has a shock point for traction, and the shoes have a stacked heel.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki 2.0 Apron Toe Slip-On Loafer

The ECCO Men’s Helsinki 2.0 Apron Slip-On Loafer is similar to the Oxfords but has no waterproof option.

ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer

The ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer is almost precisely the same as the New Jersey Oxfords sans the laces.

All the ECCO styles have a leather upper and a synthetic sole. ECCO shoes are of excellent quality and always look new with regular polishing.

I know I stuck to the ECCO brand, but they are sharp and last forever. The reviews are great; if you keep them polished, they look brand new after much wear and tear.

Flight Attendant Inflight Shoes

Our list would only be complete if we included inflight shoes. When I first started flying, I used to get cheap in-flight shoes.

Unfortunately, my feet paid the price. Flight attendants need good shoes in the terminal and on the plane.

We can be on our feet up to 16 hours a day, so good shoes make a big difference. I have even bought some so-called “good shoes” that made my feet ache.

At first, I thought it was that I was working longer hours, but then I got a different pair of inflights, and my feet never bothered me again.

Soul Naturalizer Women’s Kacy Loafer Flats

The Kacy Loafer Flats are comfortable and good-looking.

They are very comfortable flight attendant shoes, and you may even be able to wear the Kacy Loafers through the terminal at some airlines.

Regardless, they are good comfortable shoes to wear during your flights.

They have an all-leather upper with a synthetic sole, a soft foam lining, and arch support with memory foam.

These shoes are lightweight and flexible. They also come in navy blue for airlines that allow navy blue shoes.

Alegria by PG Lite Women’s Shoe

The Alegria by PG Lite Women’s Shoe has a hand-stitched leather upper, lining, and insole.

Alegria is one of those upscale shoe brands that do not disappoint. They are orthopedic shoes, but they still look great.

The American Podiatric Medical Association certified the Alegria Brook shoes as recommended footwear because they are healthy shoes for your feet.

They have a removable Alegria footbed with podiatrist-certified arch support. They are on the pricier side, but they last forever.

Flight Attendant Shoe Accessories

You probably spent a pretty penny on your shoes and would like to protect your investment.

Shoe Bags

Since most female flight attendants must wear two pairs of shoes throughout the day, keeping your dirty shoes in a bag to protect your tote bag is a great way to keep your bag clean.

MIAMICA Shoe Bags – My Favorite Shoe Bags

Do you have pain in the ball of your foot?

Foot pain on the ball of your foot is usually caused by wearing heels without enough padding. You can help your feet out by using metatarsal pads.

Metatarsal Pads

Do you experience heel pain?

Heel Cushions can absorb shock and protect your heels.

Do your shoes slip off of your feet?

Shoe Straps can turn pumps into Mary Janes and keep your shoes firmly on your feet.

You can use Clear Shoe Straps to hide them or Black Shoe Straps to dress up your shoes.

Are your shoes a little too small?

Sometimes you don’t realize your shoes are too small until you’ve worn them for a few hours.

You’ve worn them outside, and they got scuffed, so you can’t return them.

Nobody wants to throw money away. You can spray shoes with a stretching spray and put them in a shoe stretcher to help them fit better.


Do Your Flight Attendant Shoes Need A Touch-Up?

This little travel kit is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups for your concourse and inflight shoes.

So there you have it, the best flight attendant shoes. I know finding the right shoes can be daunting. This list can make your quest for the best and most comfortable flight attendant shoes easier.

What are your favorite shoes? I’m constantly researching the best shoes for flight attendants. So, I’d love to hear what your favorite flight attendant shoes are.

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