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Do you want to become a flight attendant, but you are unsure how to make that happen? 

Would you like help navigating interview process and could use some extra support?

At Flight Attendant School, you will learn how to stand out among a sea of applicants and get hired as a flight attendant. 

With this outstanding training and coaching program, you will be confident in the flight attendant interview and be ready to get your wings.

Flight Attendant School

First Class Program + Exclusive Bonuses

Everyone Starts at the same place

I once was exactly where you are today.

Flight Attendant Course

I wasted years thinking I didn’t have what it takes to become a flight attendant.

There were no flight attendant courses that I could take that would teach me what I needed to know to get hired.

Today there are Flight Attendant Schools out there that cost thousands of dollars more, bringing you no closer to landing your dream career.

I don’t want you to waste your money on expensive flight attendant training that has nothing to do with getting you hired as a flight attendant.

When I was applying if I had someone who was in the aviation industry to personally show me exactly what I needed to do to get to flight attendant training and get hired I would have become a flight attendant years earlier.

Flight Attendant School Testimonial

CJO With my dream airline

This Program Is Magic!

My results from the course and coaching program actually blew me away. I applied to the 5 mainline airlines and I got invited to do interviews with all of them. 3 of them I got invited to do F2F and within 2 months of finding Deanna’s program I had a CJO with my dream airline. This was quite a feat for me as I started out knowing absolutely nothing about aviation or being a flight attendant, but this program was literally the magic that did it for me. 

I wouldn’t change anything about this course, except the fact that I wish more people knew what it could do for their careers. I really hope that people give this program a chance, it will literally change the course of your career, and that is priceless!”

Rachel Rabaye

Future Flight Attendant School STUDENT

We hear you!

Reasons You Need This Flight Attendant Course


There is so much inaccurate information online that could lead to a costly mistake.

Seniority is everything for all flight attendants no matter which airline you work for.

The sooner you get hired the better your life as a flight attendant will be.

Why waste time piecing together information that you find on the internet (most of which is not even correct anyway) when you can take a flight attendant course that puts you ahead of the competition from the privacy of your own home?


The Future Flight Attendant Course guides you through every step of the interview process.

This flight attendant training program teaches you how to get hired for the flight attendant position without having to guess what the airlines are looking for in the ideal flight attendant candidate.

Not only that, but the four weekly coaching sessions will have polished and prepped to help you excel throughout the entire interview process.


Are you ready to embark on a new exciting career?

Flight Attendant School will help you stand out from the crowd and outshine the competition. 

With professional help and support you can change the dynamic from being harder to get hired as a flight attendant than it is to get into an ivy league school to the ease getting into community college. That’s a bold statement, and our students will agree.

Second to none

What Makes
This Flight Attendant Course Different?

Future Flight Attendant school is easy to navigate, informative, enjoyable and filled with accurate information that makes learning a breeze.

The personalized weekly coaching will take your interview skills to the next level. We will reinforce everything you learned in the course, and teach you how to best showcase your skills as a flight attendant during the interviews.

With a mix of printed course materials, video, and workbooks the course content appeals to all types of learners.

All airlines have their own flight attendant training programs, but the one thing the airlines don’t teach you?

How to get hired as a flight attendant, and that’s what Future Flight Attendant School does best.

Online Flight Attendant Course and Coaching Program

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible. Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve earned your wings.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Your life BEFORE The Program:

Your life AFTER the Program:


Flight Attendant Course & Coaching Program

The Clear Path To Your First Class Career

What You'll Learn

The best flight attendant course available anywhere to launch your flight attendant career.

Module 1

Choosing The Right Airline

Courses For Flight Attendant

Flight attendant life is entirely different from any other experience and not what you may expect.

Module 2

The Hiring Process & Interviews

The flight attendant hiring process is long and involved. One wrong move and you have to start all over after the waiting period, costing you precious time, money, and seniority. 

Flight Attendant Interview Tips
How To Become A Flight Attendant With No Experience

Module 3

Presentation & Packaging

Be the total package, polished and ready to present yourself as the ideal flight attendant candidate.

Module 4

Initial Training & Beyond

Once you get that CJO your world will turn upside-down (in a good way!).

Downloads to keep you informed and organized

Proven tips and techniques that work

Access to your Coach & instructor

Study at the pace that works for YOU

flight attendant programs

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This Flight Attendant Course is perfect for you if:

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So You Can STOP Wasting Time & START Living Your Flight Attendant Dream

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Receive access to each module one week after the next for a total of four weeks.

Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Deanna

I know what it takes to get hired as a flight attendant, and I also know the right person who is a perfect fit for the job. Recruiters are Flight Attendants just like me.

However, being a flight attendant isn’t for everyone, and the competition is fierce! As a result, only 1-2% of applicants move on to become flight attendants.

Here’s a secret about those numbers though, most of the people applying have NO CLUE how to get through the process.

Once I give you the keys to the kingdom with the Future Flight Attendant Course & Personalized Coaching, you can tip those numbers GREATLY in your favor.

I want to help you earn your wings and take off with a brand new career. I understand the frustration of being in a job that does not light you up and make you want to jump out of bed to get the day started.

I know what it’s like to have a deep desire to have an office in the sky. That’s why I created Future Flight Attendant School so that you can make your dreams come true.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in the Future Flight Attendant Course today.

As seen in:

Choose the payment plan

The Clear Path To Your First Class Career

One-time payment of


12 monthly payments of



You've got questions? We have answers!

The course begins the moment you enroll. There are a total of four modules with multiple lessons. One module drips per week for a total of four weeks.

Yes! For as long as the course exists you will have access. 

We have a 3o day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy we are not happy.

You have 30 days to request a refund in writing.

If you are looking to change airlines and want to master the interview process, Future Flight Attendant School is for you.

Absolutely not! You won’t learn how to BE a flight attendant at Future Flight Attendant School, you will learn how to master the interview process to become one. 

All airlines have their own flight attendant training, but the one thing they don’t teach you is how to get hired as a flight attendant and that is what Future Flight Attendant does best.

Sure, but it may take a lot of trial and error wasting you valuable time and seniority.

Plus, how do you know that the information you learn is credible?

Future Flight Attendant School has a proven system that works.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Flight Attendant Online Course. You can email us directly here.


Flight Attendant School - Online Course & Coaching Program | Future Flight Attendant

Do you want to get hired as a flight attendant? This online flight attendant course guides you through every step of the interview process so that you can land the flight attendant job. With four weeks of instruction, this self-paced course is easy to navigate, informative, and filled with accurate information that makes learning a breeze. With a mix of printed course materials, video, and workbooks the course content is suitable for all types of learners.

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