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Want to learn how to competitive flight attendant resume even if you have no experience?

Just because you have never held a flight attendant job before doesn’t mean you can’t get the job.

Flight Attendant Resume No Experience

If your career objective is to become a flight attendant and you have some sort of

professional experience, you can highlight that to get you in the door.

Flight Attendant Resume Tips

A great flight attendant resume is the first thing you need to kick start your career. You won’t even get to the flight attendant interview if your resume doesn’t have the correct keywords.

Get that resume ready and apply once you have decided that you would like to be a flight attendant!

A recruiter is looking for flight attendant applicants who can be their company’s face.

Suppose your flight attendant’s objective is to offer top-notch customer service and make the airline look good. In that case, it won’t matter if you don’t have airline industry experience or if the flight attendant position is your first job.

Flight Attendant Resume Keywords – The First Step

Large airlines can get over 270,000 applicants in just a few days. All big companies keep things streamlined by using bots to scan for keywords. If your resume is not keyworded correctly, you won’t make it to the next step.

Airlines are looking for specific skill sets from their potential flight crew. 

Customer service skills are the number one priority for flight attendant candidates in today’s aviation market. 

Many airlines compete for the same customers, and they want flight attendants who have excellent customer service skills.

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With No Experience?

Absolutely! As an entry-level flight attendant, no experience is required. An entry-level flight attendant resume is not a penalty.

An airline is looking for relevant skillsets for the job. Fortunately, you can glean your flight attendant resume skills from almost anywhere.

Were you involved in clubs or organizations that helped you gain leadership experience? Those skills translate to being a flight attendant.

A flight attendant has to command an entire aircraft full of passengers. What day-to-day experience do you have that can translate to flight attendant experience?

Job Description of a Flight Attendant

The job description of a flight attendant varies a bit from airline to airline. 

The best way to figure out what keywords you will need for your flight attendant resume is to read the job description for each airline on their website. 

You don’t need to guess what words to use on your resume when the airline provides them for you.

Whenever an airline hires flight attendants, they will post the flight attendant job description.

Flight Attendant Resume Objective

flight attendant resume objective

What is your resume objective? That is who you are professionally and why you are the best person for the flight attendant job.

What skill sets do you possess that are transferrable?

Some Flight Attendant Resume Skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Being a master at multi-tasking (there are always so many things happening on an airplane full of people)
  • Safety (Passenger Safety, emergency equipment, and handling a crisis)
  • Being a team player (You always work with a crew as a flight attendant)
  • Being able to respond quickly in an emergency (flight attendants are first responders on an aircraft)
  • Service (Meal and beverage service)

What skills do you possess you can convert to flight attendant skills? Think of something in your history that would help you handle an emergency or an unruly passenger. 

The One Page Flight Attendant Resume

no experience flight attendant resume

A resume should not be more than one page. If you have too many things to list, consider editing and applying only the most valuable words. 

There should not be one single sentence on your resume that does not show that you are a perfect fit as a flight attendant.

You only have a tiny window to sell yourself to an airline. Your resume is your initial sales pitch. Show them you are someone they need! Your resume highlights the total package that is you.

Simple and Professional

Would you mind not making your resume too distracting by using a crazy font or any odd thing that doesn’t have its place in a business atmosphere? Instead, let your skills and enthusiasm be what sets you apart in a sea of applicants.

Start at the Top

The top of your flight attendant resume should include your name, phone number, and email. 

Airlines moving away from an address on the resume, it’s up to you if you want to include it. It won’t hurt nor help, so it’s up to you.

This section should be clean and comfortable to read. Do not add a picture of you on your resume unless the airline specifically asks for one.

The Professional Summary

The professional summary belongs at the top of your resume, but write it last. Load this section of your resume with keywords that match the job description. The professional summary is where you sell yourself, with your top skills and goals as a flight attendant.

If you don’t have a professional history, then you will use a resume objective.

Work History

Ten to fifteen years of work history on any resume is plenty. Therefore, your flight attendant resume should have no gaps in employment unless there were particular circumstances that you can note.

If you are starting in the workforce and don’t have a ten-year work history, they will be able to tell by your education section, which will not be a problem.

Perhaps you didn’t work for a few years to stay home with your kids. Add some skills you learned while home to your flight attendant resume. 

Like all employers, airlines want to see consistent work history. Reliability is one of the essential qualities of a successful flight attendant. If you don’t appear reliable, they will find someone else who does.

Harness Your Existing Skills

What sets your resume apart from the competition? A well-written flight attendant resume. Just because you never had a customer service job doesn’t mean you didn’t work in customer service.

Here’s an example: if you are a teacher, maybe you think I didn’t work in a customer service position; I teach children. But, you do work in customer service, and your customers are your students! So, being a flight attendant is like being a teacher.

When people travel, I don’t know what the phenomenon is, but they lose their minds! They don’t even know how to open a lavatory door on an airplane. Customers cry. They fight, and sometimes they punch and kick seats. Let your resume tell how you are very experienced at diffusing this type of behavior.

What Skills Do You Bring to the Position?

Whatever job you had before applying to become a flight attendant, you gained experience and skills. Think of how those things relate to being a flight attendant and sell yourself as the ideal candidate.

Do you speak a second or third language? Be sure and list that on your resume. Airlines always need bi-lingual flight attendants. List your language skills and language proficiency on your flight attendant resume.

Many skills can translate to the flight attendant position. Perhaps you were a first responder or maybe even a lifeguard. You know how to stay calm in an emergency. You have what it takes to be a flight attendant. Showcase those skills!

Education and Certifications

example of flight attendant resume

Airlines prefer an applicant who went to college, but it is not a requirement. You can list all of your education, dates attended, school location, and degree in the education section. Be sure and list education near the bottom of your resume.

Don’t be afraid to list any college credit you have, even if you did not graduate. Be prepared to be asked why you didn’t graduate and to have a compelling answer. What is a clear answer? 

Think of why you didn’t graduate and put a positive spin on the solution. For example, did you get offered a job and decided ultimately you wanted life experience instead of school? Have your answer prepared ahead of time if you didn’t graduate and wish to list it on your flight attendant resume.

Just because you did not get a degree, this does not mean you cannot be a flight attendant. Most college graduates that apply for airlines have a degree that has nothing to do with being a flight attendant anyway.

If you went to school ten years ago or more, you do not need to list the dates you attended the school on your resume.

Do you have any specialized certifications that can help you as a flight attendant, such as first aid and CPR? List these in the skills section. Have you taken any specific courses? You can also list the courses you have taken in the education section.

Resume Paper

When attending a job interview, take along a few copies of your resume printed on high-quality paper. Remember, you are trying to stand out among a crowd as a professional. Bringing a resume printed on cheap paper to an interview is like carrying a knife to a gunfight. Sure, you might have a fantastic resume in content, but you’re going to show up as unprofessional. Don’t do that.

Think about when you touch a piece of plain paper. It’s just paper. But now, when you feel a document that you printed on high-quality paper, you will pause, and your mind goes straight to the thought “quality.” As a result, you will showcase yourself as a high-quality applicant.

Have you ever walked into a high-end store? The customer experience is nothing like walking into a Walmart. At a high-end store, they are not only selling a product but an experience. You are the product, and your well-written resume printed on high-quality paper shows you are a potential high-end employee.

When the recruiter touches your resume, they will associate you with someone they want as a representative of their company.

Do I need A Cover Letter?

That depends on the airline. Have a cover letter ready because if you need one, you won’t waste any time creating one from scratch. 

An airline can get so many applicants in such a short amount of time that the application window can close quickly, so have that cover letter ready and waiting. 

If you want to know who is hiring, check out our Flight Attendant Jobs Page and you can be the first to know Who’s Hiring Flight Attendants.

Need Help With Your Resume?

Flight Attendant Resume

Your resume needs to taken very seriously because it is your only chance to make a great first impression. Not only that, even if you are the most qualified applicant, if your resume does not contain the proper keywords you will not be selected to advance for an interview.

Make an impression that lasts, one that shows you are serious about becoming a flight attendant. A resume is your first step in the interview process. Make it count.

Future Flight Attendant’s professional resume writing service will give you a better chance of landing your dream career. However, always keep in mind that you are looking to have a career and not just a job. 

Therefore, invest in yourself, and that investment will pay dividends for your future. If you are not one hundred percent sure you can create a winning resume, let us do it for you.

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