Who's Hiring Flight Attendants Right Now?


Who's Hiring Flight Attendants Right Now?

Flight attendant jobs are at an all time high. 

During the pandemic many flight attendants retired, making room for brand new flight attendants to be hired by the airlines.

Below is a list of US Carriers and those who are hiring flight attendants. If the airline is hiring, click on the airline name to apply.

Having a flight attendant job is one of the most exciting careers available to you today. You will jet off to exciting locations and meet all kinds of new people, making friends all across the globe.

This list of airlines flight attendant jobs are updated daily, so be sure to check back often.
*UPDATED 07/01/22

Flight Attendant Jobs With International Airlines

Want to try something really different?  A flight attendant job with an international airline can be an incredible experience.

Emirates – HIRING

Looking for an amazing career in hospitality?

If you share our passion for delivering impeccable service, come join our multinational cabin crew team in Dubai and start your training in service excellence with the world’s largest international airline.

We are looking for exceptional people to join our award-winning team to provide service that goes the extra mile.

In return, you’ll get a chance to meet people around the world as well as a competitive tax-free salary and excellent travel benefits for you and your family.


  • – 1+ year of hospitality/customer service experience

– Positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service in a team environment, dealing with people from many cultures

– High school graduate (Grade 12)

– Fluency in written and spoken English (ability to speak another language is an advantage)

– Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes and minimum height of 160cm which will enable you to reach emergency equipment all aircraft types

– No visible tattoos while you’re in Emirates cabin crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings are not allowed)

– Can adapt to new people, places and new situations

– As Emirates cabin crew you will be based in Dubai and will need to meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements

Starting Salary and Flying Pay:

– Basic salary – AED 4,260 / month

– Flying Pay AED $61.25 / hour  

based on average 80-100 hours / month

– Average Total Pay – AED 9,770 / month

(~USD 2,600 , EUR 2,290, GBP 2,040)

*These are approximate numbers for Grade 11 (Economy Class) For further Information and to apply, please visit emirates.com/careers


List of airlines hiring flight attendants

Flight Attendant Jobs With Legacy Carriers

The most sought-after flight attendant jobs are with legacy carriers because of their large size and routes. Because of this, they have the toughest competition for future flight attendants.

Some of the Legacy Carriers are Major Airlines that even have international bases.

Because of the size and routes of Legacy Airlines, aspiring flight attendants have the toughest competition for flight attendant jobs.

Don’t let the competition stop you. Why shouldn’t you get hired for one of the flight attendant jobs at a Legacy Carrier?

The Legacy Carriers

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines – HIRING

Delta Air Lines – HIRING

Hawaiian Airlines – HIRING

United Airlines – HIRING

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Flight Attendant Jobs


Airlines hiring flight attendants

regional airlines that are hiring

The Regional Carriers

Flight attendant Jobs at Regional Carriers are a great place to get your foot in the door. The competition for a flight attendant job isn’t as fierce at a regional airline. These airlines have smaller aircraft and shorter routes confined to a smaller region than other airlines.

A Great Start

Because some of the regional carriers hire at the age of 19, those carriers make a great first flight attendant job. The pay at a regional carrier is traditionally less than the major airlines. However, there are some great regional airlines to get your start as a flight attendant.

Air Wisconsin – HIRING

Commut Air – HIRING

Endeavor Air – HIRING

Envoy Air – HIRING

GoJet Airlines – HIRING

Horizon Air

Mesa Airlines – HIRING

Piedmont Airlines – HIRING

PSA Airlines – HIRING

Republic Airways – HIRING

Silver Airways

Sky West Airlines – HIRING

Contour Airlines – HIRING

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airlines currently hiring flight attendants

The Low Cost Carriers

Low-Cost Carriers are based on a low-cost model. For that reason, these airlines get to focus on providing their customers with great customer service while saving them money. You may not be an International flight attendant at one of these low-cost carriers, but they are still great places to go for flight attendant jobs.

These Low-Cost Carriers are exciting companies to work for. But don’t let the low-cost model fool you. They have happy employees who love their flight attendant jobs.

Allegiant Air – HIRING

Jet Blue – Hiring

Southwest Airlines 

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The Ultra Low-Cost Carriers

Don’t let the name Ultra Low-Cost Carrier scare you. These are some great airlines to work for because of their culture, and the pay is competitive. However, the Ultra Low-Cost Carriers take the low-cost model a step further than the other airlines.

Frontier – HIRING

Spirit Airlines – HIRING

Sun Country – HIRING

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airlines currently hiring flight attendants


Airline Interview Guide

airlines currently hiring flight attendants

New Airlines

New and up and coming airlines. It’s an amazing opportunity to start as a flight attendant with a brand new airline because you will be at the top of the list in seniority. Find out which new airlines are hiring flight attendants.

Breeze Airways – HIRING

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