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One of the questions I get the most is about the flight attendant height requirement. Candidates want to know how to become a flight attendants, and many wonder if they are tall enough.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a lot of confusion around this topic because each airline is different.

Many applicants are surprised when they find out they must do a reach test before getting an airline offer.

For this reason, I’ve collected information based on airline policies, flight attendant requirements, and my experiences.

Why Do Airlines Have Flight Attendant Height Requirements?

Airlines have height requirements for a few reasons. The first is safety. Airlines want to ensure their crew members can reach overhead bins where some safety equipment is stored.

It helps if you can see the crew in an evacuation.

I’m not tall at all. I have short limbs, and from my experience, everything is a bit harder for me than for taller crew members.

For simple things like handing a drink to a passenger in the window, when checking my emergency equipment and I have to climb onto a seat, or when getting something out of a high Atlas carrier on the 787, it would help if I were taller.

Flight attendants also assist (not lift) some passengers with stowing their luggage. However, if they can reach the overhead bins, they can help their passengers. 

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Height Requirements Vary Between Airlines

Each airline has unique height requirements, offering opportunities for aspiring flight attendants.

Fear not if you don’t quite measure up at one airline—another may be just within reach! So keep chasing your dreams and never give up.

Picture this: A small jet’s compact space leaves towering individuals over six feet tall struggling to maneuver. But when it comes to the grandeur of a 787, they’ll flourish with ease, navigating the larger aircraft like a pro.

If you are on the smaller side, you can fly for a regional airline or go private; private jets often travel worldwide.

However, that is the beauty of being a flight attendant; there is something for everyone.

So, stay persistent and find your perfect fit!

Flight Attendant Height Requirement Delta

The Flight Attendant Reach Test

The flight attendant reach test varies among airlines, like their height requirements.

For example, some airlines may require you to reach up to touch safety equipment in an aircraft bin, while others may have you stand barefoot and flat on the floor to reach a spot on the wall.

Some airlines allow you to wear shoes, while others may require you to be barefoot but allow you to be on your tiptoes. With so many variables, it’s no wonder this test often needs to be clarified.

I suggest practicing stretching before performing the reach test if you think you may not pass.

A Yoga Class To Have You Standing Taller

Yoga is excellent for lengthening your muscles, allowing you to stretch farther, and it can also help you stay in shape for such a physical job. 

The above video with Michelle, AKA BananaBlondie108my favorite yogi of all time, put together this video to help you pass the reach test, and she will have you standing taller in no time.

Overall, incorporating a regular yoga practice into your routine can be an excellent way to improve your flexibility and range of motion, which can help you to perform better on the reach test.

Additionally, the physical demands of a job as a flight attendant can be rigorous, and yoga can keep you in shape and prevent injuries.

Flight Attendant Height Requirements USA

Airlines in the United States are my specialty.

Alaska Airlines:

  • Able to reach 80 vertical inches while wearing shoes and (or) standing on your toes.

American Airlines:

  • Height and weight must allow for the safe operation of the aircraft and may not exceed specific aircraft dimensions (for example, must be able to sit in a jump seat and fasten the harness, move throughout the cabin aisle, and operate emergency exits). Since this is ambiguous, I’ll tell you that for the reach test, you have to reach the latch in the overhead bin, but you may wear shoes.

Delta Air Lines:

  • Ability to retrieve and store items in the overhead bins, which can be as high as 74″ from the floor.

Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Vertical Reach of 82″.

United Airlines:

  • Ability to reach at least 82 inches vertically to obtain safety-related equipment without shoes, but you can stand on your tiptoes.

Southwest Airlines:

  • No reach test.

JetBlue Airways:

  • Able to reach 6’3″ without shoes.

SkyWest Airlines:

  • Your height must be between 5’0″ to 6’0″ without shoes.

Contour Airlines:

  • Retrieve and store items in the overhead bins, which can be as high as 67″ from the floor.

Breeze Airways:

  • Flight Attendant Height Minimum – must be able to reach and remove emergency equipment from overhead bins without assistance.
  • Flight Attendant Height Maximum – must have adequate head clearance in the cabin.

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How Tall to Be a Flight Attendant

Height Requirements for Cabin Crew at International Airlines


  • Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes and a minimum height of 160 cm will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types.

Qatar Airways:

  • Minimum arm reach: 212 cm on tiptoes.

Etihad Airways:

  • The minimum height is 161 cm.

Cathay Pacific:

  • Does not have a minimum height but a minimum arm reach of 208cm on tiptoes.

Flight Attendant Height FAQs

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the flight attendant minimum height requirements.


Can a 4′ 11″ be a flight attendant? Yes, it’s more about the reach than the height. If you can reach and stretch, you can become a flight attendant at most airlines.


Do flight attendants have a height and weight requirement? 

Yes, it’s not an actual weight, but you must secure yourself into the jumpseat and fit comfortably down the aisle. Your body weight can vary due to muscle tone, height, and weight distribution.


Can I be a flight attendant if I’m 5 7? 

Yes, at most airlines.


What is the smallest flight attendant? 

The smallest flight attendant at my airline (a mainline legacy airline) is 4’11”. However, there may be smaller flight attendants working for regional airlines.


Can I be a flight attendant if I’m 4 10? That depends on the airline.

How tall to be a flight attendant? Again, it depends on the airline. Please see the above list.


Can a 5′ 1″ be a flight attendant? 

Yes, at most airlines.


There are physical requirements in addition to height and weight, as well as educational and work history needs to satisfy in becoming a flight attendant.


Airlines want candidates that are excellent customer service representatives that can safely perform emergency procedures and reach the overhead compartments.

Does the flight attendant height requirement for male differ from that for females?

No, it is the same. Airlines do not discriminate against any gender.

I have provided you with the most frequently asked question about height requirements for flight attendants. I hope I have alleviated your concerns and answered your questions.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, understanding the flight attendant height requirements and reach tests is essential for anyone considering a career in the industry.

 As we’ve explored, these requirements can vary significantly from one airline to another. However, there is a place for everyone in this exciting field, regardless of height. 

The key is staying persistent, researching, and finding the perfect fit.

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