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Flight Attendant Gifts

Best Flight Attendant Gifts

Navigating the vast array of flight attendant gifts can be daunting. Whether you’re flying to a flight attendant interview, packing your bag for an upcoming flight, or a thoughtful crew member working on Christmas.

Future Flight Attendant guides your path through the perfect gestures of appreciation. With a carefully curated collection of 25 top-tier flight attendant gift ideas, ranging from practical gift bags to Amazon Gift Cards offering a world of possibilities – buckle up and journey with us in the pursuit of the ideal gift.


Why Do You Give Flight Attendants a Gift?

Flight attendants always overlook a sea of faces, and cabin crews tirelessly ensure a smooth flight for each passenger, often without the recognition they deserve.

In the heart of their service, the flight attendant’s role can sometimes feel thankless.

Flight attendants see to their passengers’ comfort and cater to their needs while maintaining the highest safety standards in the air and on the ground. Even though what most people witness on a flight is the service of flight attendants, their most important duty is to save your life in an emergency.

While not necessary, a small gesture of appreciation goes a long way in letting flight attendants know how valued they are.

A thoughtful gift for the crew is a much-appreciated expression of gratitude.

As passengers, fellow crew members, or even aspiring flight attendants in this esteemed profession, spreading kindness and recognition makes our skies a happier place.

If  you intend to bribe a flight attendant for a seat upgrade or some other reason, it won’t work! Flight Attendants don’t do seat upgrades so it’s better to purchase the upgrade than to try and bribe a flight attendant.

Best Gifts for Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant Gifts

Top 5 Gift Categories for Flight Attendants

The flight attendant gifts you give will depend on whether you are a passenger giving a flight attendant a gift, a fellow crew member, or someone with a special flight attendant in their lives. 

  • – Gift Cards 
  • – Gift Bags / Goodie Bags
  • – Self-Care Gifts
  • – Christmas Themed Gifts
  • – Travel Must-Haves

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Gift Cards

Gift cards make great flight attendant gifts! They don’t take up much space in your bag, and they are always appreciated.

Every airport has a Starbucks, and Amazon Gift Cards are always a crowd pleaser.

Gift Bags / Goodie Bags

Flight attendant goodie bags can be as simple as a bag of chocolates. Who doesn’t love mini Toblerones, Ferro Rocher, or Cadbury Fruit & Nut?

Amazon has some adorable luggage boxes that you can stuff with candy or self-care items. They are perfect for a new flight attendant heading off to training.

Self-Care Gifts

Every flight attendant needs lotion and lip balm.

Flying is drying, and with how much flight attendants have to wash their hands, dry hands are the worst, second only to dry lips.

Hand lotion, lip balm, and a sheet mask make a great self care goodie bag for flight crews.


Christmas Themed Gifts

Not every flight attendant can hold Christmas Eve and or Christmas Day off.

It’s so nice to receive a thank you for helping others reach their loved ones on those days. Some great ideas for Christmas Themed Gifts:

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Pins

Holiday Socks

-Christmas Cookies! (Aldi, Trader Joes, & Lidl all have great packaged Christmas Cookies)

Travel Must-Have Gifts

Travel must-have gifts are for the special flight attendant in your life.

Neck Pillow

Hotel Safety Wedge – Traveling alone can be dangerous ,so if you do brush up on Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Travel Blanket

Sleep Mask

Check out the Flight Attendant Must Haves in the Future Flight Attendant Amazon Storefront for lots of travel goodies!

Flight Themed Gifts

Flight Attendants love to receive small gifts they can use at work, so that’s a great idea to remember when gifting flight attendants.

-Power Bank

Flash Light

Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags (for that particular flight attendant you know and love) make a thoughtful and practical gift for flight attendants.

For your flight crew, leather or metallic tags in fun shapes like airplanes, globes, or hearts can add personality and make a fun, inexpensive gift.

You can get an entire pack of luggage tags for one price, and you’ll have a thoughtful gift for each crew member.

When to Gift Your Flight Crew

If you wish to gift your flight crew, the best time to do so is during the boarding process. However, due to the busyness of this time, the flight attendants at the back may not be informed of who the gift was from.

If you decide to wait until after the service, you can approach the main cabin flight attendants at the back of the plane to gift them.

In some cases, passengers have gifted me, but I was unable to find out who they were. To avoid this, it is helpful to leave a note on the gift with your name or seat number.

It is important to note that passengers giving gifts do not expect anything in return, but most flight attendants would like to express their gratitude personally, and it helps when they know where they are seated.

So there you have it, 18 of the best flight attendant gifts. Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list?

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