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As a flight attendant, you are always on the go, so I polled my co-workers to see their favorite apps for flight attendants.

I always use apps when I’m working, many of which are my favorite apps. Most of these apps can be helpful for any traveler, with only a few that are purely Flight Attendant Specific.

Before we get into the best apps for flight attendants, I’d like to say all the airline apps are great to have. You don’t need every single one, just the ones that you fly on for work, commuting and travel.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants

All the essential things for a flight attendant when they are away from home and want to remain comfortable can be helpful with the right apps for flight attendants.

I didn’t include apps on the Top 20 Flight Attendant Must Haves List, so this list is the apps version.

I’m sure there are even more great apps out there, so if you know any more of the best apps for flight attendants, please leave them in the comments section!

Best Flight Attendant Apps For Work

Best Apps For Flight Attendants FAAwait

App Name: FAAwait

Price: $0.99

This is an app I often use, especially in the summertime when the weather is extra crazy. Unfortunately, It doesn’t give you specific flight information. Still, it lets you know which airports have delays, why, and approximately how long the delays will be by utilizing a data feed maintained by the FAA that tracks departure and arrival delays, ground stops, and ground delays.

FAAwait is one the best apps for flight attendants because you know what’s going on with delays. It’s better to be informed of delays ahead of time so that you can mentally prepare to wait.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants MyRadar Weather Radar

App Name: MyRadar – Weather Radar

Price: There is a FREE version and a Pro Version for $3.99

MyRadar is one of the best apps for flight attendants to use to stay safe. The free version will show you where there is weather.

I often use it to see if there will be turbulence because the app shows where there is turbulence, and that is essential for crew and passenger safety. There are also severe weather warnings that track temperature and weather for any destination.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Crew Rest

App Name: Crew Rest

Price: $2.99

This app is for airline crew, pilots and flight attendants. It’s the easiest way to calculate breaks. You put in the flight information and your criteria, and then boom, you get the correct information for the length of the break; when each break starts and ends, easy peasy.

This is especially helpful if you are on reserve and get assigned the purser position on an international trip. It is a LOT to manage as a newer flight attendant as an international purser, and when you can have an app calculate the crew breaks for you, it’s priceless.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants 2HOT2COLD

App Name: 2Hot2Cold

Price: FREE

If you have the AFA representing your airline, you may want to use the 2Hot2Cold app. Airplanes are often too hot or too cold, and there are no FAA regulations for aircraft temperature, and we need to change that.

It’s brutal to work when it’s too hot or too cold. Not only do our passengers suffer but so do we!

From the AFA Website:

“If it’s too hot, crew and passengers can experience symptoms ranging from mild (fatigue, dizziness) to moderate (heat exhaustion) to catastrophic (heat stroke).

Extreme temperatures also impact cabin operations by degrading the crew’s awareness of possible security threats, increasing stress that can lead to air rage, medical emergencies, a return to the gate, and other operational disruptions.”

Best Flight Attendant Apps For Commuting & Travel

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Flight Board

App Name: Flight Board

Price: FREE

I love this app and use it often. I travel the country and commute to work from many places, so I even use this app to look at which airlines fly into and out of different airports. Not only does it tell you that, but you can see which flights are delayed on time and which are codeshare partners.

There is real-time flight info, so you can see flights that are delayed or canceled. You also get terminal and gate information for departing and arriving flights making your life easier.

Staff Traveler – Known as “The Worlds Best Non-Rev App”

Price: FREE, but you can buy credits for more functionality.

Staff Traveler is a favorite of flight crews. You can check the loads on other airlines, so you know if you will be able to get a standby seat.

*If you use the above link, I get free credits. 🤩

When you work for an airline, and you are traveling, you can look at the loads to see if the flights are full or not Airline apps are great, but you won’t know if the flight is full or not by looking at it because it only shows travelers that are already checked in for the flight.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants My Currency Converter & Rates

App Name: My Currency Converter & Rates

Price: FREE

When you travel, it’s important to know the conversion rates and how much you spend. My currency converter supports over 150 countries, and you can even use it when you are offline. This currency converter even supports BitCoin, Dodgecoin and LiteCoin.

Plug in the the currency and it does the work of converting it for you.

I prefer to use my credit card when I travel abroad, but some places only take cash, and even when you use your credit card, it’s important to know how much you are spending.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants ID90 Travel

App Name: ID90

Price: FREE

ID90 is one of the best apps for flight attendants.

This app specifically allows airline employees to book discounted and free travel on other airlines. If your airline has jumpseat agreements with other airlines, you can commute to work for free.

ID90 Travel is the best way to leverage their travel privileges to airline employees, with an all-in-one mobile app, last-minute rates, and exclusive interline-only deals on hotels, all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and so much more!

As a flight attendant, ID90 will be one of your favorite flight attendant apps.

Flight Attendant Health Apps

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Doctor On Demand

App Name: Dr On Demand

Price: Varies with your Health Insurance Co-Pay

I love this app. I am a flight attendant and a Full-Time RVer and have no actual “house.” I live on the road, and seeing a doctor can be tough because I’m often in places I’m not familiar with, so I use Dr On Demand.

With Dr On Demand you can video chat and see a doctor. They can check you out visually (If you have a scale, a thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff, it’s not much of a difference than going in to see an actual doctor?)

Dr On Demand can even prescribe you medication from your visit. It’s not only for medical doctors but therapists and psychiatrists too.

It’s super helpful if you are on a layover and something pops up; you can make a doctor’s appointment and be seen in minutes.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Accolade

App Name: Accolade

Price: FREE – But your airline has to have a partnership.

I’m not sure which airlines use Accolade for their employees besides United Airlines and American Airlines. If your airline uses Accolade, it’s one of the best apps for flight attendants.

If you know of other airlines that use Accolade, if you know of any other airlines that use it, please drop the name in the comments below.

Accolade is awesome because they store all your prescription and health insurance cards. Not only that, they have nurses on call so you can send a text message, and they can tell you what needs to be done regarding your symptoms. They can also let you know which doctors are in network, and it’s all via text, not a time-consuming phone call. Unless you want to talk on the phone, in that case, you can.

Miscellaneous APPs For Flight Attendants

App Name: stayconnect

Price: FREE

Flight attendants spend a lot of time in hotels, and while having a clean remote control to use quite as important as my Ten Flight Attendant Hotel Safety Tips – To Stay Safe When Traveling Solo, it’s still healthful to have a clean remote control.

Not all hotels have stayconnect, but many of them do. Stayconnect is an app that turns your smartphone into a TV remote control. This is one of the best apps for flight attendants that don’t want to touch a sketchy TV remote.

Hotel remote controls are dirty, and I don’t care if they are wrapped up in a bag with a sticker that says it has been sanitized; I believe that sticker is a farce, I’ve seen food stuck to remotes that have supposedly been sanitized.

Besides cleaning the remote, you can use your phone as a remote and watch the hotel TV safely and comfortably with stayconnect.

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Duolingo

App Name: Duolingo

Price: FREE

Duolingo is the best free language learning app. Fun, bite-sized lessons to help you learn a new lang age. If you can become a LOD or language speaker qualified, there is extra pay for those flight attendant positions.

Duolingo is so much fun and makes learning a language easy. Duolingo is one of the best apps for flight attendants that want to have fun learning a new language.

My Favorite Food App For Flight Attendants

Best Apps For Flight Attendants Farmer's Fridge

App Name: Farmers Fridge

Price: FREE (The app is free, but the food is not.)

Farmer’s Fridge is a healthy way to eat when you are traveling. At its most basic, it’s jars of salad in a vending machine. It’s expanded into other healthy meals and desserts like my favorite, pineapple coconut chia pudding.

Hands down Farmer’s Fridge is one of the best apps for flight attendants that want to eat healthy.

Farmer’s Fridge is undergoing expansion, and as of now, they are in the following airports:

Cincinnati (LUK), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), Chicago Midway (MDW), Columbus (CMH), Dallas Ft Worth (DFW), Minneapolis (MSP), Milwaukee Mitchell (MKE), Indianapolis (IND), John F Kennedy Airport (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), Philadelphia (PHL), and Newark Liberty (EWR).

If you download the app, you can see all of the locations they have. Farmer’s Fridge has vending machines all over the country now.

Not only do they have vending machines in the airport, but they are also in vending machines in the Southwest MDW Inflight Crew Lounge, the ORD & DFW American Airlines Employee Lounge, and the ORD United Airlines Employee Cafeteria.

They are always expanding, so check the app when you land; they may be in an airport near you! They are not only in airports, but they also have home delivery, (I love Farmer’s Fridge and often get home delivery as well as from the vending machines when I’m at the airport.)

So there you have it, what I believe are the 12 best apps for flight attendants. Some of my favorite apps have been done away with unfortunately, so hopefully new ones will take their places and we can add them to our list.

Do you have any that you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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