The sky is not the limit, because there is no limit

How would you feel traveling the world, exploring new places and meeting new people while getting paid?

About Me

I help aspiring flight attendants land their dream career.

My name is Deanna and I am the creator of Future Flight Attendant and your flight attendant career coach.

I created Future Flight Attendant because there really is no better job than being a flight attendant.

“My goal is to provide aspiring flight attendants with the most accurate information on the internet.”

Being a flight attendant isn’t even a job it’s an exciting career.

The Pros Always Outweighed The Cons

For the past 16 years I’ve gotten paid to travel to exotic locations. I have even been able to take my entire family with me to resorts that are upwards of $500 a night, for free.

I sat reserve for six straight years, had two children, survived a merger and a world wide pandemic throughout my career.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My Area Of Expertise For You

I know what it takes to get hired, and I know how to help you confidently make it through the interview process as the best version of you.

Recruiters are flight attendants just like me. I’m here to coach you on how to master the flight attendant interview process.

Before I started coaching flight attendants, I was a highly sought after coach for over 20 years. 

I can help you ease your nerves, gain confidence and get you ready to ace the flight attendant interview.

Being a flight attendant isn’t for everyone, and the competition is fierce. As a result, only 1-2% of applicants move on to become flight attendants.

But with my help, you can tip those odds greatly in your favor.



As a flight attendant there is never a dull moment.

You will meet all kinds of interesting people, celebrities, millionaires, billionaires and regular people with stories to share.

I know, I’ve met all kinds of people from all walks of life. Hugh Jackman showed me how to take a great selfie. Robin Williams and I shared a beautiful moment just months before he passed.

I’ve met so many interesting people who have enriched my life throughout my career.

Why wouldn’t I want to help others do the same?

Rich Flight Attendant Life

Future Flight ATtendant's Mission

Our mission is to help you to live your dream with great passion, amazing travel, and a lucrative career.

Behind The Curtain

My Core Values:

I believe that everyone deserves to be well paid living an exciting life.

I love to help people enrich their lives, make more money and to not be afraid to dream big.

I believe the best candidates don’t always get hired because they haven’t mastered the interview process. 

I’m here to encourage, educate and help empower aspiring flight attendants to land their flight attendant career with their dream airline.

My Favorite Destination:

I love to travel, I even live full time with my family in our luxury RV. Wherever we are in the country, I can hop on a flight and get to work.  I’m a Hawaii girl, but the mainland has so much to offer!

I’d have to say the US is my favorite place to be (I can’t choose just one state I love so many of them) but my favorite overseas layover is Singapore.

Fun Fact About Me:

Not only am I a flight attendant, but I’m also a fourth generation entrepreneur. I have always run a business (or businesses) during my flight attendant career. This career is so much fun and so flexible you can do anything!

Future Flight Attendant Dream Location

Kind Words From Past Clients

"I am so satisfied with what Deanna provided. I'm very happy with her service and have high hopes landing a job as a flight attendant. A+."

Flight Attendant Destinations


Flight Attendant School

With the Future Flight Attendant Course, you can learn countless years’ worth of information in four short weeks.

With online instruction and face to face coaching, this online program is one of a kind. It will help you grow your confidence and ace the interview process.

How would you feel waking up in the morning, heading to the airport to jet off to some exotic location, not for free, but being paid?!?  

At Future Flight Attendant School, you will learn the exact steps to become a flight attendant, online from your own home. 

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Future Flight Attendant School. Everything you need to know to get hired as a flight attendant, online from your own home.

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Upgrade your resume so that it aligns perfectly with the flight attendant position with our professional resume services..

Interview Study Guide

Prep for the flight attendant interview and learn how to master the STAR format. + Bonus Video Interview Tips

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